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eVestigator Simon Smith, a Cybersecurity Expert Gives Tips to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

Simon Smith of eVestigator, a well known Cyber Security expert answers the question if anyone can have their identity taken?


Simon Smith, Private Investigator, a well known Cyber Security expert answers the question if anyone can have their identity taken? 

eVestigator explains that no matter how smart you are you, you are susceptible to human error and deception known by a process called "social engineering." This concept he describes is a form of human deception in Cyber Security that most readers are likely to be a victim of at some stage in their lives. He makes it clear that one cannot control what one does not know.

eVestigator Simon Smith is often asked if he can "hack" into a person's private social media accounts. He describes this is a Hollywood-style perception of hacking but there are some truths. He puts forward two answers, both "Yes" and "No." He states that "a person can control what they have possession of, however are oblivious to what they don’t."

In forums, and in criticisms directed towards many victims, he often reads members of the public being very critical about others that may have been scammed on dating sites, or email phishing campaigns. He recognises that sometimes people call them "stupid" and knows the psychology of both the scammer and the victim and is capable of making a fair comment. Mr. Smith knows a secret he can share that only the highest level Forensic Investigators and Cyber Security experts know and he is prepared to share it. He is quick to point out that victims are most definitely not "stupid." He refers to his clients as typically very smart people who have been deceived.

Secondly, the secret that he holds would make those who criticise think twice before making such a statement. "The human mind is a complex form of art," he often likes to say. He refers to the term "social engineering" and has in fact been able to manipulate information out of scammers and cyber stalkers using very sophisticated human manipulation and counter intelligence techniques that do not ever involve the use of a computer. He encourages those people who criticise to spend a day with him and they may be of a different view at the end of the day. He is of the strong view that some external research on "social engineering" may show those who criticise victims exactly how everyone is already essentially tricked every day of their lives.

Mr. Smith is a recognised expert witness for the courts in Cyber Security, Information Technology Systems, Reverse Engineering and any technical expert dispute. He has extreme industry experience and has caught over 200 stalkers and over $10 million dollars of international scammers, a job which would ordinarily be for the Police and AFP/Interpol, which is prevalent in the Australian media at the moment.

Mr. Smith is of the view that today's methods in dealing with Cyber Security are taught incorrectly and now needs to adapt with legislative change. He believes companies everywhere have to drop their current structures and adapt to new regulatory data-breach reporting requirements, or face getting serious fines, penalties or even worse, loss of business.

Mr. Smith says, "You cannot do a course to become a Cyber Security Expert and companies need to know that if you do not spend the money in risk mitigation, you will spend one hundred times more in losses." Mr. Smith is a strong follower of the media and contributes to exposing cyber-attacks and the best methods of avoiding them for the everyday citizen.

eVestigator Simon Smith identifies below just some key strategies an individual can employ to protect their personal identity on the Internet from what they have within their control:

1. Change your password and security questions regularly and have a different password for all accounts. (It's annoying but necessary.)

2. Always enable two-factor authentication to a physical device.

3. Never enable the default "Family Sharing" - "Locate my Friends" or other default sharing applications placed on iPhones and Androids.

4. Get off iCloud - Use encrypted backups more.

5. Disable Android Device Manager on your phone.

6. Forever keep checking for security alerts by your email provider.

7. Never join a free Wi-Fi hotspot even if it is password protected, and only trust your home if setup correctly.

8. Logout of your email immediately from any browser if using webmail. Google does not care that you stop reading email. Google continues to check out everything else you are up to.

9. Install TOR Browser and surf the internet anonymously. Mr. Smith wrote Orion Hidden IP Browser++ for iOS but generally any TOR browser is worth looking into.

10. Never use passwords that aren't crazily cryptic.

11. Always logout of Facebook or any social network session you log in to.

Mr. Simon Smith can be contacted at the contact information below. He is best utilised as a Cyber Forensic Investigator, Counter Intelligence Expert and Court Expert Witness and Dark Web Expert.

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