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Stinky Ninja is Good Stuff

Good Stuff Kids Pod Episode 122 Features Stinky Ninja

GoodStuffLogo.jpgMike Mason from Good Stuff Kids Pod explores the creation and origin of Stinky Ninja in a 30 minute interview with Adam Sivell. The podcast is available at Good Stuff Kids Pod Episode 122 - Stinky Ninja

Adam explains that Stinky Ninja is a fun way to make music accessible to children, bridges the gap between nursery rhymes and top 40 hits, and gives kids the chance to experience a wide variety of authentic musical styles that adults will enjoy too.

At the conclusion of the interview Mike plays the entire track Tres Amigos Stinky featuring Mireya Ramos, Rebecca Kleinmann, Jaie 'La Timbalera' Rodriguez, Edwin Canito Garcia, Vashti Sivell, and Pete Drummond.

About Good Stuff Kids Pod
Created by Mike Mason the Good Stuff Kids Pod is a labor of love. A Podcast for Parents & Kids (or anyone who feels like listening).

About Stinky Ninja
Stinky Ninja's album Musical Style Adventures is available from Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube