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Market Clarity releases results of Vocus Customer Survey

Vocus customer service better than other providers

Sydney: 8 July 2009 – A recent research study by telecommunication specialist Market Clarity shows that Vocus is leading the way in customer satisfaction.

“The results are outstanding,” says Market Clarity CEO Shara Evans. “In fact I have never seen such positive feedback about a company’s customer service.”

86% of customers polled believe that the customer service experience with Vocus is above average, with 60% of those stating that they are happier with Vocus than with any other provider. These statistics are strongly underpinned by a genuine loyalty to the company, with 95% of respondents planning to increase their services with Vocus.

James Spenceley, Vocus CEO, is delighted with the results.

“We strive for excellence throughout the company. Even with the growth we’ve seen in the last 12 months the company has continued to set an extremely high standard. That can only be attributed to our very talented team and their genuine passion for the industry.

We’ve all been motivated by these results and want to continue to build on this level of customer satisfaction,” he added

When questioned about the reason for selecting Vocus, the survey shows that 88% of customers selected Vocus over other providers due to the company’s reputation, network quality and the level of support and technical proficiency of the team.

“Our reputation is very important to us,” continued Spenceley. “Last year we may have been considered the new kids on the block, but we have worked hard and are now recognized as being a serious contender alongside the big four.”

The survey also showed Vocus’ approach to the business was appreciated. 84% of customers polled stated that negotiations with Vocus regarding agreements were better than most (if not all) providers.

Jason Ashton, CEO of BigAir and one of the first Vocus customers agrees that the Vocus team is a pleasure to deal with.

“Working with Vocus is easy. They know their stuff and turn things around quickly. It’s refreshing to work with a company that doesn’t get bogged down in administration hierarchy and genuinely wants to work with our business.”

About Vocus (www.vocus.com.au)

Vocus Group provides wholesale Voice and IP transit to Telecommunications companies and ISPs across Australia.