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Cash, gadgets and garden tools on burglar’s most wanted list

ADT Security profiles the latest home security technologies to help combat theft

According to recent Australian Bureau of Statistics figures, the most common types of property stolen during household break-ins include money (18%), personal electronic equipment (14%), garden tools (13%) and jewellery (12%).

With clever thieves harnessing new ways of breaking into homes, monitored alarm systems are a popular option for helping protect the home around the clock.

Utilising the latest technology, ADT Security offers a range of alarm systems tailored to individual household needs to ensure a safer and more secure home.

Options available for homeowners when considering a monitored alarm system include:
- Door and window sensors at vulnerable entry points of the home, to provide perimeter protection;
- Glass break sensors to increase perimeter protection;
- Motion sensors to detect intruders in particular areas of the home, which can also be set up to take into account pets and windy days;
- Portable and fixed panic buttons to cater for medical emergencies or other duress situations, which can be installed to alert ADT’s 24 hour Security Response Centre.

Traditionally viewed as a commercial security solution, video surveillance is increasingly being recognised as the ultimate security solution for the home. System capabilities range from basic external cameras to extensive Digital Video Recording (DVR) software which can be linked to cameras that zoom in to record irregular activity and can be connected to lighting and alarm systems.

For further piece of mind, ADT Security offers a fire monitoring service which can be integrated with the home smoke alarm to provide additional back up in the event of a fire. This is particularly beneficial for those with hearing disabilities or young children who may sleep through a smoke alarm.

ADT Security’s fire monitoring service connects fire alarms to an off-site Security Response Centre which alerts emergency services once an alarm is activated. This means that even if a fire occurs when occupants are not at home to hear the alarm, monitoring will detect it and be able to act to respond.

To help homeowners assess the security requirements of their property, ADT Security has developed a free online questionnaire that can be accessed at www.howsafeisyourhome.com.au

“Theft remains the greatest threat to Australian homes. It is crucial that residents take whatever precautionary measures they can to keep their homes and families safe from harm,” said ADT Security’s Mark Norton.

“With so many different options to choose from, many people find security issues confusing and there is evidence they often waste money on measures that are not relevant. Anyone can take our free online questionnaire and find out what security measures are suitable for their home.”


* Australian Bureau of Statistics Crime Victimisation Report, Australia (July 2008 – June 2009). Report released on February 18, 2010.

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