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Australian Councils Share One Voice in Mobilising Information

Sydney, 15 December 2010 – Councils across Australia are unanimous in recognising the potential efficiencies in field staff using mobile devices such as smart phones and iPads to access information from council intranet and internet-based systems.
This is according to a series of surveys conducted by Blink Mobile at the Local Government Information Technology Conference in Coffs Harbour, the Parks and Leisure Australia Conference in Adelaide and the NSW Local Government Managers Conference staged in Sydney.
The Blink Mobile surveys found that 98 per cent of local councils surveyed said that they would gain overall business efficiencies and better serve the community if the latest council information could be more easily accessed by staff, especially those who work remotely, from cost-effective and commonly available mobile devices.
The surveys also found that 88 per cent of councils had considered the needs of their citizens in being able to deliver information anywhere, anytime to mobile users. At the same time, 62 per cent of councils have already reviewed establishing dedicated mobile web sites to better service citizens.
Moving forward into 2011, 70 per cent of councils claim that they will actively incorporate mobile ratepayer services as part of their IT plans for the year ahead.  Up until now, 32 per cent of respondents cited mobile ratepayer services as too complex to deploy while 42 per cent claimed there had been little demand for such a service.
Steve Bayliss, Coffs Harbour City Council’s Chief Information Officer and organiser of the Local Government Information Technology Conference, said, “Mobile technologies are high on the agenda for tourism activities, marketing and business promotion, dissemination of information and community engagement.”
Tweed Shire Council is an example of one council which provides a wide range of information accessible by mobile devices.  This includes general council information such as opening hours and contact numbers for Council facilities, development application tracking and property searches, upcoming events (including council meetings and Community Access dates), Council tender information, access to the Richmond-Tweed Library catalogue, access to Council's Community Directory, as well as alerts for sports grounds, road closures and more.  All information presented is in real time, which means users see the latest, most up-to-date information provided on the website at any time.
Darren Besgrove, Director of Blink Mobile, the Australian Platform-as-a-Service provider which enables the rapid development of mobile business applications, said: “Mobilising information is now seen as a critical component of local government IT plans in both enabling workforce efficiencies and in better servicing the community. This corresponds with more and more consumers now wanting to access information at their own time of choosing from any location.
“While local government is under pressure to deliver the best value for taxpayers and achieve higher levels of service, this survey data suggests that mobilising information is now a benefit and being demanded in a climate of shrinking budgets and resources. Government organisations are also now seeing the big picture - the relationships, connections, and direction - as well as the details to make informed decisions about how information is delivered to consumers and the overall dynamics in knowledge management for their rapidly tech-proficient workforce.”
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