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Home cooks keen for light and healthy meals over summer

With summer in full swing and the temperature soaring, home cooks are turning to light and healthy meals.

According to small appliance brand Kambrook, steaming, grilling and frying are particularly popular cooking methods at this time of year.

“We’ve noticed that rice cookers and woks are used a lot during the summer months,” says Cassandra Heneghan, Kambrook’s Home Economist. “Both products are ideal for healthy meals as they need only a minimum amount of oil. And there are so many ways these appliances can be used to make straightforward yet delicious summer dishes.”

Traditionally, the rice cooker is viewed as an appliance dedicated to rice-based dishes such as risotto and stir-fries. However, rice cookers can be used to create soups, stews, porridge and oatmeal, jams and marmalades and to steam vegetables, fish and chicken.

“The sky really is the limit with a rice cooker so it’s no surprise that it’s often called the ‘everything’ cooker.”

The same goes for the wok. While it is synonymous with stir-fries, it’s also perfect for omelettes, fried rice, vegetable salads and dumplings. Additionally, because of its high cooking temperature, it is ideal for preparing red meats.

For full recipes and further inspiration from Cassandra, visit her new blog A Perfect Pantry at http://aperfectpantry.com.au

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