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ABC Driving School Targets Youth with Blink Mobile Interactive

Sydney, 27 April 2011 – ABC Driving School is the latest organisation to roll out mobile web-based information for its customers, courtesy of deploying Blink Mobile Interactive, an Australian Platform-as-a Service provider, which enables the rapid development and deployment of mobile business applications.
Blink Mobile’s service enables organisations to rapidly create and deploy customised mobile information services without the need to design, develop and manage mobile-specific web sites or complex applications for each model of mobile phone in use across their customer base.
The Service provides ABC Driving School with a single development and management platform to control its complete mobile information environment. Students can access information on driving school locations and lesson prices, as well as special deals, access to practice tests and frequently asked questions.
Larry Rowe, Managing Director, ABC Driving School, Western Suburbs – Sydney, said, “Blink Mobile enables ABC Driving School to maintain contact with our students who are typically a young, tech-savvy market and who tend to not suffer fools lightly.  If they cannot access the information they want, using the medium they want, then they will simply move on to one of our competitors, who can meet their needs.  However, we’re also using the service for our other students, such as trainee ambulance drivers and those on truck driving courses.”
The Blink Mobile service automatically draws data from the driving school’s website and reformats the content to suit each requesting mobile device. It has enabled ABC Driving School to provide mobile access to all services without requiring the organisation to build and maintain multiple websites and without the risk of delivering out of date information.
Whenever ABC Driving School wishes to change any information on its main website, the organisation only needs to make the changes once, as the mobile feature will pick up these changes and alter the mobile presence automatically, without having to rewrite a new application.
Previously, students required a PC and access to an Internet link.  Now, the information is accessible to anyone using an Internet mobile device such as a 3G smartphone, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, Windows 7 or Android device.
“Another benefit is that Blink Mobile automatically reconfigures its presence to cater for new phones coming onto the market,” said Mr Rowe.
In the future, ABC Driving School plans expand the application to include internet bookings, direct instructor text communication, a staff interface to allow remote access to booking system and a link up to the RTA’s Driving Test web booking system.
“Blink Mobile plays a pivotal role in ensuring that ABC Driving School is the driving school which meets the needs of this discerning new marketplace.  Key to its success was the fact that the service was developed and deployed within a matter of days.  It’s a perfect fit in enhancing our mission to provide the community with a reliable and flexible service in a safe and friendly environment,” said Mr. Rowe.
About Blink Mobile Interactive

Blink Mobile Interactive develops and markets a mobilisation management and deployment platform that allows any organisation to provide rich mobile interactions and response mechanisms from their existing web based information and business systems. Focused on a corporate customer base and running a PaaS business model, BlinkMobile’s enterprise-grade services allow organisations to manage their complete mobile environment, while quickly and easily mobile enabling web services, dynamic web content and intranet/extranet applications. The platform, client services and end-user experience resulting from BlinkMobile’s services are internationally innovative.  Visit http://www.blinkmobile.com.au or call 02 4340 5110.

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Darren Besgrove, Director, Blink Mobile Interactive on 0418 280 764 or Darren@blinkmobile.com.au


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