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SALTO launches new access control solutions at Security 2011 Exhibition

SALTO Systems are world leaders in advanced battery powered wireless access control

Sydney – August 24, 2011 - At Security 2011 Exhibition, SALTO Systems will be showcasing a range of brand new access control products. These include the SALTO GEO global electronic opening cylinder, Aelement RFID designer hotel lock and SALTO AMOK escutcheon.

SALTO Systems are world leaders in advanced battery powered wireless access control. We have a passion for access control technology. That’s why we’re constantly improving on today’s technology and creating the breakthroughs that will shape tomorrow. We specialise in combining individual products into one integrated security solution enabling end users to ‘throw away their keys’ and create totally keyless buildings that are smart to own, operate and manage.

The new SALTO GEO (Global Electronic Opening) Cylinder is smart, intuitive and designed to be used with almost any type of door. Installing SALTO GEO is simple, easy and quick. It enables you to convert almost any door into a fully featured access controlled door giving you total control at all times over who is able to access what, where and when.

SALTO GEO also means no more problems with master key management. With SALTO’s Data-On-Card and wireless real-time on-line technology, users can manage access credentials and add, restrict or delete access privileges on the fly. And thanks to its open architecture design, you can also use SALTO GEO to connect with an existing security system to create a fully integrated platform, delivering increased efficiency, cost savings and complete access control flexibility.

Aelement is the new face of RFID hotel security technology. Developed specifically for the hotel and hospitality market, it provides a fully integrated real time security solution that allows users to combine their entire guest hospitality needs into one stylish, energy efficient and reliable wire-free locking system.

It allows hotels to integrate all their physical security needs into one state-of-the-art system. It can control the security of the entire building from a single location including granting access privileges to individual rooms and gathering audit trail data from every door in real time – all without leaving the front desk.

AMOK is a brand new electronic escutcheon designed for use in the educational environment. It ensures schools; colleges and universities are a secure, safe place to learn by enabling buildings and facilities to be quickly locked down during a security or other emergency event.

In such a situation it could be safer for students and staff to remain in a classroom, securely locked in until the emergency is over, so SALTO AMOK escutcheons enable authorised users to put the electronic locks into a standalone lock down mode, securing the room until help or the emergency services arrive on scene.

David Rees, SALTO Systems Australia, says “The world is going wireless and people need to trust the technology, networks, facilities and services they are using. That’s why our team of access control experts will be at Security 2011 Exhibition to demonstrate and explain how users can manage up to 64,000 thousand doors and up to 4 million users on a single system.

Visit our booth A14 at Security 2011 Exhibition, the must-attend trade show for security professionals in Asia Pacific, held August 24 – 26, at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre.

For more information, follow Security 2011 Exhibition on Twitter (@Security_2011), Facebook, and visit the event website at www.securityexpo.com.au

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About SALTO Systems

Based in Oiartzun, Spain and with offices in the UK, USA, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Portugal, Australia, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Malaysia and the UAE, SALTO Systems was established in 2001 with the objective of creating a new advanced state-of-the-art access control concept. Products such as their SALTO Virtual Network have accelerated the company’s growth and this has now become the access option of choice on more than 1,000,000 doors in over 70 countries. Customer markets include airports, hospitals, government buildings, universities, corporate headquarters and hotels.