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Carbon Trading Goes Mobile in World First Deployment

Global Carbon Credit Trading Platform Mobilised with BlinkMobile and EcoView Global

Sydney, 12 December 2011 - Carbon Trade Exchange (CTX), an Australian-based carbon credits (offsets) trading marketplace, today expanded its service for brokers and corporate clients with the launch of a new, mobile service for accessing the CTX trading platform.  
The service provides carbon buyers and sellers with access to the exchange anywhere in the world to buy carbon credits. Based on the Blink Mobility Platform from BlinkMobile and developed in conjunction with technology consulting and enterprise services organisation, EcoView Global, the unique mobile service enables traders to research and instantly buy major voluntary carbon credits, or to check the value of a portfolio simply by using a smartphone, tablet or other internet capable device.
A list of all credits on the exchange complete with CTX’s full search functionality, pricing and links to due diligence documents makes this the perfect mobile tool for all mobile devices.
The Mobile Enterprise Application Platform from BlinkMobile works by developing a unique mobile user centric interface that’s accessible by all internet capable devices and then managing the content required by repurposing information from across websites, intranets, web-enabled applications and core business systems.

The mobilisation of the CTX data will be of significant benefit to brokers who need to access up-to-the-minute pricing when out on the road or when meeting with clients. The ability to carry out on-the-spot trades will enable brokers to bring a new immediacy to their client relationships, effectively consummating sales within minutes rather than in days or weeks. Corporate clients will also benefit as emissions managers are now free to calculate emissions offset requirements, research and identify the most appropriate lowest-cost environmental compliance alternatives at any time or place that most suits them.

The CTX mobile service includes all of the functionality currently available from CTX's standard trading platform including the ability to select from a range of project criteria and links to all project documentation.  Information can be viewed and acted upon immediately or stored in the user's document library for later review.

Wayne Sharpe, CEO of CTX, says, “The emissions market is young but it is quickly going to become much more volatile and there will be an increasing number of purchasing opportunities for companies that want to participate in the carbon sector. As in any market, knowing what products are on the market and the price of those products is going to be an important factor in obtaining competitive advantage.”

The CTX trading platform operates as a cloud-based service and was created using Microsoft technologies. In order to introduce their mobile-optimised service CTX opted for BlinkMobile’s Mobile Enterprise Application Platform and EcoView to develop the interfaces between the platform, Microsoft Exchange and the CTX website.  The end result is a seamless experience for CTX clients regardless of the way in which they engage with the trading platform.

Sharpe adds, “For most companies, buying carbon offsets is not core business. It's an activity that needs to be easy, convenient and available whenever a company’s users choose to do it.

“It’s incredible to think that a broker, CEO, CFO or head of sustainability could be on the beach in Australia or in the South of France buying carbon credits, real time, from South America or Africa, in an end-to-end electronic transaction. That really is cool.  We believe that the mobility we've announced today is the future of carbon trading.”

The new technology is live for Carbon Trade exchange members today.

About Carbon Trade Exchange
Carbon Trade Exchange is a global carbon credit trading exchange.  The exchange enables carbon buyers and sellers from around the world to trade most major voluntary carbon standards in an extremely efficient, end-to-end electronic process.  The Carbon Trade Exchange is the world’s first web based electronic platform for Voluntary Carbon Credits (VERs) and international offset credits, Certified Emission Reductions (CERs).
Carbon Trade Exchange operates from offices in Australia, London and New York.  They have a dynamic and highly experienced management team supported by a global board of Directors, led by Founder and CEO Wayne Sharpe.
Wayne Sharpe
CEO & Founder
+61 (0) 412 147 697

About BlinkMobile Interactive
BlinkMobile Interactive develops and markets a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) that allows organisations to build, manage and deploy rich mobile interactions and response mechanisms from their existing web based applications and core business systems. Focused on a corporate customer base and running a PaaS business model, BlinkMobile’s enterprise mobility services are unique in that all development begins with the user interface and required interactions. BlinkMobile’s Interaction Oriented Architecture dynamically repurposes content via web services, application APIs and intranet/extranet applications to serve each mobile interaction. The platform, client services and end-user experience resulting from BlinkMobile’s services are internationally innovative.  Visit http://www.blinkmobile.com.au or call 02 4340 5110.
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