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BioMagnetic Sport Launches New Magnetic Wrist Band

The Australian owned and operated BioMagnetic Sport range has released a product that is the result of over 10 years of magnetic therapy experience and industry expertise.

Brisbane, Queensland, 17 May, 2012 – Due to the overwhelming saturation of fraudulent ‘power bands’ flooding the market over the past few years, BioSport has decided to give their customers an alternative that has real research behind it’s claims.

The BioMagnetic Sports Band is the result of ten years of magnetic therapy experience, as the latest product in the range; BioSport has managed to combine the powerful strength of magnetic therapy with the versatility of a flexible silicone band. They believe so highly in this product that they have made it the Free Gift With Purchase of any BioMagnetic Sport product, so all of their customers can give it a try!

“I personally never suffered from any serious injuries but recently I put out my back and I saw first hand how incredible our products are. I was a believer before, but now I know first hand the potential benefits” says David Barton, CEO of BioMagnetic Sport Pty Ltd.

The six strategically placed therapeutic magnets around the band each have a gauss rating of 1000+, which ensures the effectiveness of the band.

Wholly based on the natural laws and physics of the earth's magnetic field, none of BioMagnetic Sport products plug into any electrical devices. They're completely compatible with pharmaceutical prescription drugs, prostheses (pins and plate) and joint replacements. They can also complement other therapies in a positive manner.

Visit your local Terry White Chemist or for more stockists and information visit www.biosports.com.au.

Product is available for competitions or giveaways in your publication please contact our office on 1300 884 456 or email kirsten@lightningbrokers.com.au.