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BlinkMobile Launches International Language Version of Blink Mobility Platform

BlinkMobile has announced the launch of its international language version of the Blink Mobility Platform. BlinkMobile’s Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) is Asia Pacific’s own unique cloud-based solution that enables enterprise-sized organisations to design, build, deploy and manage all manner of mobile services for internal and external users.
Effective immediately, BlinkMobile partners and customers will be able to create mobile-enabled applications and HTML5-based web apps in their own language and character set, drawing on all of the highly productive and robust MEAP features of the Blink Mobility Platform.
BlinkMobile’s international languages support includes:
  • Full local language support for the gathering and processing of content via web services and other methods
  • Display of all application structures and data in any language and/or script to any device that supports UTF8 (almost all current mobile devices and browsers)
  • Full local language support in BlinkForms (BlinkMobile’s extensive electronic forms solution) including labels, menus and data
  • Full local language support within Data Suitcases (used for disconnected operations and offline storage of working data)
Alan Williams, Director & CTO, BlinkMobile, said, “This is a major step for BlinkMobile in firmly establishing itself as Asia Pacific’s home grown Mobile Enterprise Application Platform vendor, able to service the entire region from both an infrastructure and language perspective.”
Blink Mobility Platform benefits include:
     Unique user-focused ‘Interaction-oriented Architecture’
     All-channel and device capability
     Fixed annual service fees
     Sophisticated easy-to-use tools
     APIs for easy integration with existing systems
“These features are now available in local languages for any market and this capability combined with BlinkMobile’s cloud-based infrastructure and ability to deploy in all regions, is what enterprise clients should be expecting from an MEAP vendor,” commented Williams.
In the last 12 months BlinkMobile has significantly expanded its reseller partner network across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia and is looking to continue this trend across the region as it heads into 2013.
Last year, BlinkMobile Interactive scooped numerous awards, including being named again as one of Australia’s 100 most innovative companies in one of the largest and most audacious innovation awards of its kind in Australia – the Anthill Magazine ‘SMART 100’ Index.  BlinkMobile also won a 2011 Australian Business Award for Innovation and is AIIA’s iAward (NSW) 2011 winner for Infrastructure.
About BlinkMobile Interactive
BlinkMobile Interactive develops and markets a mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP) that allows any organisation to provide rich mobile interactions and response mechanisms from their existing web-based information and business systems. Focused on enterprise style customers, the Blink Mobility Platform provides a comprehensive deployment and management structure for corporate-wide mobility from any data source and through one platform, can deliver multiple services to all mobile devices quickly and reliably, from iPads and tablets to the latest smartphones and simple 2G SMS-only non-browsing phones. The Blink Mobility Platform offers enterprise customers a new, low cost, fast and agile service that focuses on their users and each user’s need to access interactive systems from mobile phones. Visit  http://www.blinkmobile.com.au