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Breville announces Heston Blumenthal as global ambassador

Breville Group Limited CEO Jack Lord announced today that one of the world’s premier chefs, Heston Blumenthal, is to become Breville’s global brand ambassador.  “I’m delighted to announce that Heston has joined the Breville team,” said Lord. 


“Heston is one of the most exciting and creative chefs in the world.  Renowned for his award-winning, delicious tasting dishes it’s Heston’s unique approach to cooking and the science behind the process that makes this such a perfect match,” continued Lord.  “When we design a new Breville product, our focus is on understanding the challenges around food as deeply as possible and then pushing the creative boundaries to solve those challenges in simpler and smarter ways.  I can’t think of a better person to help us do this than Heston Blumenthal.


“Heston is admired and respected internationally, and as we continue to market the products we design and engineer here in Australia to more and more countries across the world, Heston’s reputation and input is going to help us expand even more rapidly,” said Lord.


More than just an endorsement relationship, Breville’s general manager – marketing, Scott Brady advised the global collaboration will see Blumenthal working closely behind the scenes with the Breville product development team. “From conception to testing and recipe development, Heston will be heavily involved in shaping the future Breville product range,” said Brady.


“We’ve already spent quite a bit of time brainstorming with Heston and his team in both Sydney and London.  On each occasion, the depth of his food insights and the genius of his product ideas have had us chomping at the bit for more”, added Brady.  “We think his creativity and passion are a perfect fit for our approach to product development.


“In his ambassadorial role, Heston will help explain the benefits of our hero products in both advertising and at point of purchase across all of Breville’s international markets, as well as Australia.  He has the unique ability to describe complicated things in such a simple yet compelling way that you find yourself on the edge of your seat.  From the history of your favourite recipe, to why drier potatoes make fluffier chips, Heston just makes food fun and exciting.  We’re very happy about him bringing this unique communication style into explaining the benefits of our innovations to a wider audience,” added Brady.


 A self-taught chef, Heston Blumenthal's route to the top has been an unconventional one.  His multisensory approach to dining in his 3 Michelin star UK restaurant, The Fat Duck, is known as one of the most intimate and friendly three star restaurant experiences, bringing fun and theatre back into fine dining.  Blumenthal also has two British pubs in Bray, the Hinds Head, also with a Michelin star and The Crown. And his London Michelin starred restaurant, Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, serves dishes inspired by historic British gastronomy dating as far back as the 17thcentury. His TV shows, Heston’s Feasts and Heston’s Fantastical Foods, delight audiences drawn to his ability to combine science, history and fun into something delicious.   


Commenting on the collaboration, Blumenthal said “I have a huge respect for Breville and their team.  From my perspective, they’re the world leaders in this space and their development team is very like-minded to my own.  There is an enjoyable, natural synergy when we’re working together. 


“We’ve already put dozens of Breville products through their paces, a punishing task for any piece of kit with a bunch of chefs, and the level of thought and ingenuity in the design is matched by resilience.  We’ve been really impressed and I can’t wait to get into the lab and see what other clever tools we can create together.  We’ve already mapped out some pretty interesting stuff.


“The other great thing about all of this”, said Heston, “is having another excuse to come Down Under.  It’s become a home away from home the last few years and it’s a happy coincidence that Breville’s based in Sydney.”   


And Heston’s favourite Breville product?  “I love the windscreen wiper on the mixer as it makes baking so much better, but I guess overall I’d have to say the Tea Maker.  I drink a lot of tea; I would say it’s probably my favourite drink.  The engineering involved to take a kettle and get it to be able to make tea properly and automatically is ridiculous.  But mostly I just love watching the basket go up and down.  It’s brilliant!”


Breville enquiries: 1300 139 789 or www.breville.com.au


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