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BlinkMobile Announces Expansion into The Fast Growing Latin America and Africa Mobility Markets

BlinkMobile Interactive, an Australian headquartered Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) provider, today announced continued international expansion with the appointment of distributors in both Brazil and South Africa providing enterprise and government agencies across Latin America and Africa with access to its award-winning mobility platform.
Sao-Paulo-headquartered, CRE8, will deliver BlinkMobile solutions to carriers as well as to enterprise and government across Latin America through the development of a network of resellers.  At the same time, Johannesburg-based PLP Group has signed with BlinkMobile as its exclusive distributor for all of Africa.
Tony Harris, Director and Chief Sales Officer, BlinkMobile Interactive, said, “We are delighted to be expanding our distribution network into South America and Africa with the appointment of CRE8 and the PLP Group. Both companies are recognised leading IT service mobility vendors in their respective markets and have demonstrable technical and support excellence which will support strong sales growth.”
Established in 2005, CRE8 delivers commercial innovative mobile solutions and services to corporate enterprises and carriers in Latin America.  

CRE8 specifically selected BlinkMobile as its enterprise mobility partner of choice based on the product’s platform maturity, experience in carrier engagements, track record of success in local government and the international experience and support from BlinkMobile’s directors.

Mark Slocum, CEO, CRE8 said, “We signed with BlinkMobile as part of a strategy to increase the quality and range of product servicing our clients.  At the same time, the BlinkMobile platform is perfectly positioned for companies which will deploy its feature-rich applications using the 4G high speed networks being developed across the continent.  
“The combination of BlinkMobile’s platform maturity and the company’s extensive private and public sector track record of success will enable us to demonstrate a rapid return on investment to organisations in this part of the world while at the same time assisting organisations to rapidly migrate from paper-based administrative systems resulting in gains in both productivity and efficiency.  As BlinkMobile negates the need for organisations to buy expensive infrastructure, we expect business to follow the company’s Australian customer base in rapidly taking up the offering and realising immediate benefits.”
In South Africa, Johannesburg-based, PLP Group, a leading provider of bespoke business solutions, will drive both market expansion and solution implementation of BlinkMobile across sub-Saharan Africa.
The company decided to partner with BlinkMobile based on its ability to cost-effectively scale across an enterprise for different departmental requirements while at the same time backed by round the clock customer support.
Lloyd Ball, Group Managing Director, PLP Group, said, “BlinkMobile offers users fast deployment and can be used on any mobile device using any technology for an infinite number of applications.  
“Corporate and public sector users will be able to customise applications in infinite environments, safe in the knowledge that BlinkMobile is a global product already proven, and operational in numerous countries around the world.  BlinkMobile’s technology offers immense opportunity and application that can only be limited by our own imagination.”
PLP has also decided to deploy BlinkMobile within its own business operations enabling employees to access the most up-to-date client data while operating in the field.
Harris added, “From the very beginning we’ve developed the Blink Mobility Platform with strong international capabilities by drawing on the global nature of Amazon Web Services.  As a result, we now have BlinkMobile services operating in Brazil, the US, Singapore and Australia. In addition, the platform also has full international language support so customers can deliver their apps in any character set around the world.
“We now look forward to working with both Cre8 and PLP Group to achieve the business benefits for their customers that we have been able to achieve for our partners and customers in Australia and New Zealand. The economic growth in these regions coupled with their rapid uptake of mobile telephony is exciting and will provide us with opportunities to further develop innovative products and applications to ensure our partners can meet their customer needs.”

About BlinkMobile Interactive 

BlinkMobile Interactive is an Australian-headquartered Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) provider whose robust global deployment capabilities combined with a highly innovative architecture enables enterprise and government organisations to rapidly and reliably build, deploy and manage many types of mobile applications across the widest range of devices and operating systems.
The BlinkMobile Platform is a hosted, cost-effective, single development and management environment that speeds development time by offering advanced features as pre-built modules, while simplifying the integration of both internal and customer-facing services to deliver highly customised, powerful and intuitive, activity-based apps for any number of users.  

BlinkMobile provides enterprise mobility solutions to local, state and federal government department as well as to airport, construction, logistics, education, healthcare and finance organisations.  These customers are supported through a range of partners, large and small, who bring their own industry knowledge and skills to our mobility platform. http://www.blinkmobile.com.au