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Future Pass takes aim at new Phishing threats with Browser Extension for Chrome and Firefox

Web browser add–on “Phishing Alert” takes aim at URI based phishing techniques

February 14, 2017 (Sydney, Australia) — Future Pass, a company focused on bringing 100% Trust and Safety to technology, has released its first product ahead of its anticipated Passwordless Authentication and Identity Platform, scheduled for release later in 2017.

Phishing Alert” is a web browser add–on that will monitor, detect and teach you about common Phishing techniques.

Phishing is a form of social engineering, where cyber-criminals and scammers create an email, message or website pretending to be from a legitimate company, in an attempt to trick you into revealing your username, password, credit cards and other sensitive information. That information can then be used to conduct fraudulent activity.

Chris Iona, founder of Future Pass, said that recent Phishing attempts were becoming more sophisticated.

“Social engineering techniques like Phishing aren’t new — but we’re starting to see a new calibre of quality and care in those attempts. Alarmingly, it’s being reported that some are now taking advantage of advanced browser functionality, such as the use of data URIs.” he said.

Data URIs are legitimately used by software developers to embed inline images, text or HTML on their websites. But their use in Phishing attacks is a cause for concern.

Phishing Alert monitors for 4 of the techniques used in URL based Phishing Attacks.

  • Data URI blocks
  • Script tags
  • HTML tags
  • Large blocks of spaces

Phishing Alert doesn’t just detect these techniques; it makes a point to educate too.

“We felt it was important to teach people about these techniques from within the product itself. If Phishing Alert is triggered, it takes you to a safe place and clearly break down the rationale behind the alert.”

“Our belief is that the more informed people are about cyber–security, the more likely we are of achieving our trust and safety goals.” continued Chris.

Phishing Alert is available for Google Chrome from today, and is coming to Mozilla Firefox in late February.

For more information on Phishing Alert, please visit:

About Future Pass

With a Vision to achieve 100% Trust & Safety across technology, Future Pass is developing the next generation of products and services for a cloud heavy, and hyper–connected world.

Their anticipated Passwordless Authentication and Identity Platform is scheduled for release later in 2017.