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The Naked Truth: Are Aussies nude or prudes at bedtime?

If you’re hoping for a set of PJs from your partner this Christmas then think again, with new research revealing that one in every three Aussies prefer their partner to wear nothing to bed each night.

A nation-wide poll of nearly 2,000 Australians by online memory foam mattress retailer, Ergoflex, has pulled back the covers to reveal what men and women want their partners to wear to bed. The research found that Aussies aren’t prudish when it comes to their partner’s bedtime attire with 50 per cent of men and 30 per cent of women preferring their partner wear nothing between the sheets.

Surprisingly, only 12 per cent of men surveyed wished their partners wore sexy lingerie to bed each night.

“Our research shows that a large number of Aussies prefer their partners to bare all when sleeping.  So if new pyjamas are on your Christmas wish list this year, your partner may have other ideas,” said Matthew White, Director of Ergoflex.

A new pair of boxer shorts might be in your Christmas stocking, with women voting boxers the top choice for their partner to wear at bedtime with sleeping nude a close second. While only one in five women preferred their partner in pyjamas.

Aussies are definitely much less prudish than Britons when it comes to what we want our partners to wear to bed. A similar poll by Ergoflex in the UK found that British men preferred their partner to wear pyjamas (37 per cent), followed by lingerie (32 per cent) and a mere 16 per cent preferred nothing at all (which was the top answer for Australian men). UK women also preferred their men wear something to bed with boxer shorts the top answer (35 per cent) followed by pyjama bottoms (31 per cent) and full pyjamas (24 per cent).

So what are Aussies actually wearing to bed?

Interestingly, while Aussies wanted their partners to wear nothing while sleeping, the majority (52 per cent) said they choose to wear pyjamas to bed each night. Only 18 per cent sleep naked.

Women took a ‘comfort-first’ approach when it came to their bedroom attire with the majority wearing their favourite PJs to bed. Uncomfortable lingerie was quite unpopular with the ladies with only nine per cent choosing this as their daily sleepwear.

White added, “What you choose to wear to bed is quite important as the wrong bedtime attire can have a serious impact on the quality of your sleep. Whatever your preference, make sure your sleepwear offers optimum comfort and ensures you are not too hot or cold while sleeping. This way you will be able to get a great sleep night after night.”

What he wants (his partner to wear)

1. Nothing (50%)

2. Pyjamas (14%)

3. Lingerie (12%)

4. Nightie (12%)

What she wants (her partner to wear)

1. Boxer shorts (37%)

2. Nothing (30%)

3. Pyjamas (21%)


About Ergoflex Australia

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 About the survey

The Ergoflex Australian Sleep Habits survey was conducted across Australia between 16 September - 6 October, 2013 and received a total of 1,983 responses.  Representation by age group: 18 per cent aged under 25; 14 per cent aged 25-34; 22 per cent aged 35-44; 24 per cent aged 45-54; 22 per cent aged over 55. 40 per cent single/slept alone; 60 per cent in a relationship/shared bed with a partner. Respondents were not paid for participating.