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Bomber Polarised Sunglasses Popular in Australia

More Than Just Sunglasses. Bomber Sunglasses Are Durable and Able to Float On Water

Bomber polarised sunglasses have practical use for many things such as, cycling, boating, fishing, paddling, jet ski, construction work, etc. Owning a pair of Bomber sunglasses is like having insurance against both eye injury and breaking or losing them in the water.

Bomber Eyewear was founded in 1997 Tommy “the Bomber” Bonacci founded Bomber Eyewear back in 1997. The five-time World Champion Jet Ski Racer made his first pair of floating sunglasses from torn off pieces of foam padding from jet skis. Today, the full range of sunglasses is available through selected Australian outlets and online at the Bomber Eyewear Australian website. This great patented technology is on offer to Australian sports enthusiasts everywhere.

Avid fishermen and boating enthusiasts, claim Bomber Polarised Sunglasses make it easier on their eyes and cut the glare. The special type of lens in Bomber sunglasses makes it easier to see when by the water side, or in a boat, because they reduce the glare caused by the reflection of the sun on the water. Bomber eyewear has an extra advantage in that, they also float on water. Plus, the Bomber lens has a special hard coating to protect against scratches. All of Bomber Eyewear’s Australian range include a multi-layer composite, and complies with the international sunglasses lenses standard and UV400 UV lenses standard. The inner layer is a polarizing film, providing more than 99% of the polarizing effect of absorbing glare

When you choose sunglasses, there are many designer sun glasses to choose from. In the main, they all have excellent quality and look great. However, there’s only one type of sunglasses that’s super durable and able to withstand hard knocks, and that’s the full range of Bomber eyewear. They are scratch and shatter resistant and practical for most outdoors use. No matter what type of outdoor activity you engage in, wearing a pair of Bomber polarised sunglasses is really beneficial for your eyes. Now also available is the new Bomber eyewear Bi-Focal Glasses range.

Sometimes known as fishing or boaties sunglasses, because they became the favourite of fishermen and boaties who found they reduced the glare on sunny days and they could keep track of their lures in the water much easier. Today, the new range of stylish, Bomber sunglasses, have also become very popular in many other types of sports.

Bomber polarised sunglasses have become known as sports sunglasses because of their popularity among players of most major sporting events. Not only for protecting your eyes from the UV rays of the sun, Bomber sunglasses are way ahead of ordinary lenses because of their durability and great design. The colour tint in sunglasses also has an effect on the clarity of your vision and for this reason the Bomber sunglasses range offers many different shades and colours which is just a matter of personal taste.

Buying stylish and durable sunglasses for your next big trip or sports event is not as hard as it used to be. Bomber Eyewear Australia has an online store where you can place your order. They have wrap-around styles that provide protection against debris, wind and glare. Polarised options, bifocal lenses and a large variety of lens tints and colours are available. By ordering your sunglasses online, you’ll save time and money. Why not buy a pair of amazing Bomber Polarised Sunglasses for your buddy while you’re at it?