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Caroline McDougall Counsellor Introduces Counselling And Psychotherapy Services

Announcement posted by Holistic Web Services 27 Nov 2019

Caroline is a highly-qualified and accredited psychotherapist and counsellor providing therapy for individuals, couples, and groups
(Brighton, Australia)—Caroline McDougall is pleased to introduce her counselling and psychotherapy services for residents in the Brighton area. Caroline McDougall is a highly qualified and accredited psychotherapist and counsellor who provides therapy for individuals, couples and groups. With extensive experience in both mental health and private settings, Caroline specialises in process-experiential emotion-focused therapy which helps people overcome personal and relational issues and build a more balanced, positive life.

“There’s no doubt that dealing with personal difficulties, relationship problems, anxiety, depression, and other conditions can be tough. These things drain people of their energy and vitality and keep them from truly living their best lives. My mission is to help people understand that there is hope. Rather than allowing themselves to be trapped by negative thinking and emotions, we can help them break free from harmful cognitive and behavioural cycles and learn to live in greater harmony,” said Caroline McDougall counsellor and psychotherapist.

Caroline offers a very affordable service with a sliding scale for health care card holders and is conveniently located in the Bayside area of Melbourne. For individuals, she helps them explore their emerging or ongoing personal issues, process their experiences in terms of personal strengths and weaknesses, learn to regulate their thinking and emotions, and build resilience. In her relationship therapy sessions, Caroline helps couples build successful relationships through a process of enhanced insight and responsibility, allowing them to find a resolution to their issues with care and consideration. Individual or group therapy may be combined with mindfulness meditation to help people find relief from conditions caused by caused by ruminative, negative thinking and the associated emotions.

In addition to her counselling services, psychotherapist Caroline McDougall also offers psychotherapy for those who uncover deeper issues during their sessions. Psychotherapy helps those who find themselves chronically depressed, anxious, substance addicted, or unable to control their emotions truly get to the heart of what lies beneath these states experience more regulated ways of feeling, thinking, and behaving and grow in self-understanding and confidence.

McDougall went on to say, “We know for certain that learning to live in harmony with yourself and others helps people feel happier, more motivated, and more fulfilled. There is no greater reward than watching those once gripped by negative thinking and emotions find peace, and I look forward to having more opportunities to help people achieve this goal.”

Visit carolinemcdougall.net to learn more about Caroline McDougall and her counselling and psychotherapy services.

About Caroline McDougall:

Caroline McDougall is a qualified and accredited counsellor, psychotherapist and educator who specialises in process-experiential emotion-focused therapy.