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Welcome Zoushack! Fourth miRunners thoroughbred named by owners

Joins Saganaki, Shezawitness, Not a Royal Doubt, with two other two-year-olds yet to be named

Sydney, 14 August 2018 - The miRunners stable of six two-year-old thoroughbreds continues to develop and grow.

And their owners are enjoying being able to name the horses in which they have units, part of the ownership experience that also includes weekly updates from trainers, day-visits to their horses’ stables, new friendships, and a shared passion for the horses themselves.

Following public nominations that saw over 750 names entered, the list was whittled down to a top-30 with owners then voting for the winning submission.

The winning name is: Zoushack.

A merger of the names of the colt’s sire (Zoustar) and dam (Shack), it’s a name that rolls off the tongue, and pays homage to the colt’s impressive sire.

Zoushack is a 2016 colt trained by David Hayes and bought by miRunners in January’s Magic Millions for $275,000. As with all miRunners horses, ownership was split into 1,000 units – each costing $275 in Zoushack’s case (with a monthly fee of $15 to cover stabling, training and veterinary care).

With Zoushack sold out, units are still available in two other horses: Rubick x Slainte (trained by Bjorn Baker) and Your Song x Sheeznodoubt (trained by Tony Gollan).

The owner who submitted the winning name first was Scott Hogg, who has a family history of ownership.

“Dad brought me into racing at a young age: he owned standard-bred horses for harness racing and while I’ve grown up as a racing person, I’ve never had the chance to own horses,” explained Scott.

“I saw the miRunners concept and instantly liked it: I don’t want to outlay much money but I want to have interest in a runner. For me, the money is irrelevant: I’m in this for the thrill of the racing.

“My wife and I have a unit each: she owns a unit in the Shezawitness filly while I have the Zoushack colt. My parents send me email updates from their horses and I send them the email updates on our horses and it’s great fun: the difference is we’re not paying as much as our parents!

“The experience is awesome, we tell everyone that we’ve got two cats, two dogs and two horses!”

Steve Brown, founder of miRunners, said, “It’s always a tremendous moment when owners get to name their horses, and we’re very excited that four of our six young thoroughbred are now registered with their own names.  With nearly 2,000 owners, miRunners is a wonderful community of like-minded lovers of race horses. It’s an exciting new experience for people who have not been involved in racing before.”

Units in miRunners thoroughbreds can be bought only at  mirunners.com.


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