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What types of lawyers are in high demand in Australia?

Every person even once in their lifetime has had the need for a lawyer. Before you choose who will be representing you, you must equip yourself with the basic knowledge of the duties and responsibilities of these lawyers. And due to various factors which add to the continuous development and change the pace of the society, the necessity of several types of lawyers has increased rapidly in the recent period. According to some research in the field, here are the types of lawyers whose field of expertise is in high demand in Australia. And the chances you need one of the Melbourne lawyers are probably big. Here they are.


The main role of conveyance is to take care of the process of transferring ownership from one person to another. They are, in fact, property lawyers with specific qualifications. They must have that special qualification so that they can fulfil their responsibilities connected with the transfer of property. Their job is very complex as all the paperwork that needs to be done in the process seeks attention to details, time and lots of extensive knowledge. Therefore, your choice of a lawyer should be one of the reputable Melbourne law firms.

Among their basic responsibilities are completing all relevant documents with the Department of Land Services; make enquiries about zoning, titles and rates, adjust rates and taxes; make sure that all documents are properly set and fulfilled before the settlement happens, take care of funds by liaising with financial institutions and attend the settlement instead of you.

Banking and Finance Lawyers

The banking or finance Melbourne lawyers help their clients with financial matters. They might have a further specialization in categories including project finance, real estate finance and private equity finance. Additionally, they might have taken courses for securities regulation, business taxation and corporate finance.

They might advise their client how to start a business and what kind it should be, for example, whether this startup should be a limited liability company or limited partnership. They also can represent their clients at trials by questioning experts, cross-examining witnesses and collecting relevant evidence which will make the closing argument.

Environment Lawyers

Environmental Melbourne lawyers are specialists in legal matters concerning the air, land and water. They deal with lobbying for balanced regulations relevant for pollutions and materials handling as well as fight to preserve biodiversity, agriculture and ecosystems. They also help the companies to be more ecologically aware and to change their practices in order to support more sustainability.

Many of these lawyers specialise in energy law, water law, natural resources law and environmental law. And usually, they represent smaller clients against large economic interests or the government.

Real Estate Lawyers

Real Estate lawyers are involved in dealing with legal issues related to residential and commercial real estate, private property ownership and tenants and neighbours. In their field of practice, selling is included as well. They help their clients bu defending their rights as owners, landlords, renters and tenants.

Among their responsibilities is helping their clients with title issues and environmental issues as well as insurance problems. They do all the complete paperwork about financial and rental agreements, deeds for purchases with a high price and leases. Also, they deal with conveyance transactions. When they offer legal advice and review transactions it is called due diligence.