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The many benefits of planting trees 


The many benefits of planting trees 

A garden enriched with trees is always a welcome site. Trees appeal to our sense of beauty, provide pleasant shade and are often a haven for birds and other species. They have a calming effect and allow us to connect with nature. But there are even more good reasons to plant trees in your garden.

By now, most people are aware that climate change is underway globally, and this is due in large part, excessive carbon dioxide emissions by human activity. Higher temperatures have significantly increased incidents of extreme weather, causing drought, wildfires, hurricanes and flooding.

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Trees mitigate the effects of climate change by absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere. One tree can absorb up to 150kg of CO2 per year. Studies by climate change ecologists have concluded that the most sustainable and effective action to fight climate change is to plant trees, and this is a solution that everyone can get involved in.

The organisation Plant for the Planet says the best places to restore trees are on degraded land such as abandoned farms or where deforestation has occurred, rather than agricultural or urban areas. But what better place to start than around your own home?

Trees purify the air by absorbing pollutants and filtering fine particulates. Planting trees around your home will also provide natural air conditioning. Urban trees can cool the air by between 2 and 8 degrees, reduce air conditioning needs by 30% and save energy used for heating by 20 - 50%.

Trees also act as rainwater interceptors, filtering the water and allowing it to seep into the ground. In areas denuded of trees, stormwater flows unfiltered into rivers and oceans and can be full of phosphorus pollutants and nitrogen.

Trees help to reinforce the soil by reducing erosion, and positively affecting nutrient levels. Fallen leaves help to keep the soil cool and prevent moisture loss. They also play an essential part in defence against flooding - trees can reduce the risk of flooding by up to 20%.

Planting trees in your garden requires some forethought and planning, with consideration to the surrounding landscape, the soil type and the amount of space available. Selecting an appropriate species for the location will give the tree the highest chance of establishing successfully and growing well.

If you're looking to get planting, a qualified arborist can advise on which indigenous trees would be most suitable for your garden, school, park or farm. Arborist James O'Brien of OB Trees has been providing specialist tree services and arboricultural consulting in Melbourne for nearly 10 years.

“It’s essential for young trees to be given every opportunity to survive planting. Poor planting can result in long-term problems and even the death of the tree. In the first few years following planting, maintenance is crucial to ensure the tree is established correctly.

Trees can become ill due to pests and diseases or following climatic or environmental changes. If your tree looks unwell, different to normal or as if it might require tree work, we can assist. For older, established trees often some proper pruning might be in order,” says O'Brien.

OB TREES Arborist and Vegetation Management Specialists service southeast Melbourne suburbs. And specialise in professional tree care, providing fast, simple solutions for all your pruning, horticultural and landscaping needs. The team are fully qualified, insured arborists with years of hands-on experience in everything from tree pruning, removal and preservation to hedge trimming, stump removal, risk management, vegetation management and tree obstruction resolution. 

For further information visit OB TREES Arborist and Vegetation Management Specialists or call their friendly team on +61 435 912 457

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