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Choosing a qualified arborist is a wise decision


Choosing a qualified arborist is a wise decision

People and companies offering tree work abound, but owning a chainsaw and a ladder doth not an arborist make! Leaving your tree work to an inexperienced or unaccredited tree feller could result in serious injury to people, damage to property and harm to your trees that have taken many years to grow.

To avoid ill-advised and poorly executed tree work, it’s essential to check that contractors have the necessary skills and competencies carefully. Tree work can be hazardous and requires extensive training and experience to be done safely.

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It’s therefore recommended to confirm the following with any prospective contractor before commencing with tree work: Evidence of insurance; Relevant qualifications (ask to see certificates for chainsaw and other machine use, arboricultural knowledge and training); Confirm quotations will be in writing; Membership of industry associations; and Provision of references with telephone numbers.

When satisfied the contractor meets these requirements, obtaining a quotation is the next stage, which should reflect the following information: Clear and full specification of the work to be undertaken. What will happen to the timber, brushwood and tree stumps. Who will be responsible for obtaining permission if the trees are protected. What steps will be taken to protect you and your property, and whether GST is included.

Tree work contractors should always be equipped with the following protective clothing and equipment: Industrial chainsaw helmet; Full-face visor including eye protection; Ear defenders for hearing protection; Rope and harness for fall protection; Chainsaw trousers and boots for cut protection; and Modern chainsaw with safety features.

Melbourne specialist arborist James O'Brien of OB Trees, comments, “Where tree pruning or felling is concerned, economising on safety will generally cost more in the long run. There are a multitude of risks that need to be taken into account, especially if a large tree needs to be cut down. If the tree is at the roadside, traffic protection must be in place, including road signage and traffic management. Ensuring that pedestrians and vehicles are not at risk of being hit by falling timber and that neither buildings, fencing, other trees or street infrastructure will be damaged is imperative.

The last thing needed is for someone to be injured on site. And it’s not only the climber that needs protective gear, but the groundsman should also always have head injury protection too and high visibility clothing if necessary.”

OB Trees guarantee the highest safety standard and work under the stringent Occupational Health and Safety Standards. Details of their numerous qualifications which make their work risk-free can be found on their website.

OB Trees have been established arborists in Melbourne for almost 10 years and guarantee high quality, professional service. Their areas of expertise include risk management, emergency management and vegetation management for both residential and commercial clients.

OB TREES Arborist and Vegetation Management Specialists service southeast Melbourne suburbs. And specialise in professional tree care, providing fast, simple solutions for all your pruning, horticultural and landscaping needs. The team are fully qualified, insured arborists with years of hands-on experience in everything from tree pruning, removal and preservation to hedge trimming, stump removal, risk management, vegetation management and tree obstruction resolution. 

For further information visit OB TREES Arborist and Vegetation Management Specialists or call their friendly team on +61 435 912 457

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