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Barracuda Accelerates Growth in Email Protection

Key Innovations in Detection and Response Beyond the Email Gateway Drive Increased Adoption

Sydney, 26 July 2019 – Barracuda Networks, Inc., a trusted partner and leading provider of cloud-enabled security solutions, today announced accelerated growth for its email protection business for FY2019 with a US$200 million annual revenue run rate.
The company also announced accelerated growth for Barracuda Sentinel, the company’s advanced technology that leverages API integration to protect businesses from spear phishing, account takeover, business email compromise, and fraud. Driven by innovations in detection, response and automated cleanup to counter the increased sophistication of email threats that occur beyond the gateway, Sentinel sales bookings grew 440 percent year-over-year at the end of Q1 FY2020.
Email protection is a notable growth vector in the managed service provider market as well. Barracuda MSP, the MSP-dedicated business unit of Barracuda, saw annual recurring revenue for its email protection business grow 122 percent year-over-year for Q1 FY2020.
“We are excited to see this solid momentum across our email protection business,” said BJ Jenkins, CEO of Barracuda. “Our product pipeline is strong, offering customers email protection beyond traditional gateways to safeguard employees and organisations. We are focused on continuing to expand our award-winning portfolio with comprehensive, easy-to-use solutions to protect against socially-engineered, targeted attacks like business email compromise and account takeover.”
According to Gartner: “The email security market is starting to adopt a continuous adaptive risk and trust assessment (CARTA) mindset and acknowledge that perfect protection is not possible. As a result, vendors are evolving or emerging to support new detect and response capabilities by integrating directly with the email system via API.”1
Market conditions are also a significant factor in the growing demand for email protection as threats continue to proliferate and have a major impact on businesses of all sizes. A Barracuda report released today found that 82% of surveyed IT security professionals have faced email attacks over the past year. 74% of those surveyed advised that these attacks are having a direct business impact in the form of lost productivity (48%), downtime (36%), damage to ITs reputation (28%), recovery costs (20%), and more.
Recent Barracuda email protection financial highlights: Recent Barracuda email protection business highlights:
  • Customers: Barracuda serves more than 65,000 email security customers worldwide.
  • Mailboxes: More than 2 million Microsoft Office 365 mailboxes are monitored and protected by Barracuda Sentinel.   
Recent Barracuda email protection MSP highlights:
  • MSP Email Protection Sales Growth:
    • Annual recurring revenue (ARR) for Barracuda MSP’s email protection business grew 122 percent year-over-year, for Q1 FY2020.
    • The fastest growing part of the MSP email protection portfolio is Security Awareness Training, which had sequential ARR growth of 22 percent in May 2019.
  • Managed Workplace Innovation:
    • In February 2019, Barracuda acquired Managed Workplace, a security-centric remote monitoring tool, to further enhance its growing MSP-focused solution offering.
    • In June 2019, an updated integration was released that uses the Microsoft Graph API to provide visibility into Office 365 users, mailboxes, access levels, and other account information for easier and more comprehensive management.
Recent Barracuda email protection innovation highlights:
  • Total Email Protection: Offered with a single SKU that is easy to buy, implement, and use, this bundled solution provides defense against socially engineered business email attacks, fraud, and account takeover, and includes Barracuda Essentials, Barracuda Sentinel, and Barracuda PhishLine.
  • Forensics and Incident Response: Available to Barracuda Total Email Protection customers, the solution automates incident response and provides remediation options, helping organisations address issues in a faster, more proactive way.
  • Integrated Domain-based Phishing Protection:
    • Through API integration with Forensics and Incident Response, Barracuda Total Email Protection customers now have an enhanced ability to seamlessly protect across the two most common threat vectors: email and web. Malicious domains received through emails can now be detected and automatically blocked for all users, and DNS phishing protection, leveraging Barracuda Content Shield, provides a more unified threat management response against advanced attacks.     
Recent Barracuda email protection industry recognition Get more information about Barracuda’s email protection portfolio: https://www.barracuda.com/products/email_protection


Read the blog posts: Read the report: 1 Gartner: Market Guide for Email Security, Published 6 June 2019, Neil Wynne, Peter Firstbrook

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