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The Best Used First Cars in Australia

Once you have want to buy a second-hand car, it's time to know more about some important tips to help your next steps.

Buying a used car is a huge investment. It requires individuals to save up for a long time and use a large portion of their savings. Most people like to buy a second-hand car the first time to learn the ropes of driving. However, even if your first car is a second-hand car, you will want it to be in good condition. This is why second-hand buyers need to check the car thoroughly to see it the various parts of the car, and its engine is in proper working condition.


Many times people sell their old junk car to get rid of it and then the second-hand buyers have to spend a lot of money to repair the car. To avoid such circumstances, second-hand buyers must be vigilant about the cars they buy. They should not fall prey to low prices as they might be buying a car that will cost them much more to repair than buying a used car. Thus, it is always advisable to read up a little and gather information about the features that second-hand buyers must check before making a purchase.

As second-hand car buyers, there are certain factors that you need to keep in mind before buying your first car. You could be inexperienced about cars because this is your first purchase, but you must make sure that you do not waste your money on a car that will not have a long service life.

The cars must be dependable, low on maintenance and fuel-efficient.



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  • impressive fuel consumption
  • good quality steering and suspension
  • reliable and tough
  • spare parts are easily available


  • less storage area not suitable for people who have a larger built

Mazda 2



  • automatic headlights
  • cruise control
  • rear parking sensors
  • six-speaker stereo
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • sturdy and reliable
  • mid-range pickup by the engine
  • responsive steering
  • reasonable pricing
  • good track record about safety


  • low on storage space

Honda Jazz



  • fast and energetic
  • provides a good driving experience
  • impressive styling
  • interiors are spacious enough
  • helpful touch screen media system
  • Bluetooth and music streaming functions
  • standard fit-rear-view-camera


  • The engine is lacking in features and quality in comparison of other competitors in the market




  • has enough room, given that it is a small car
  • plenty of storage space
  • provides good speed
  • can isolate noise from the cabin
  • central locking
  • air conditioning
  • USB music connection
  • electric front windows
  • good resale value in the market


  • Comparatively more expensive than other options

Kia Rio



  • spacious interior
  • faux leather wheel
  • comfortable drive
  • dependable engine
  • enjoyable and efficient services
  • practical car
  • good value for money


  • it lacks technology system in comparison to other cars
  • old-school transmission