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Why Apple is Bannic Non-Native Betting Apps?


Apple and it’s App Store Policies relay a new update and devised a new rule for the need of gambling operators to convert their HTML built application version to the native one. Any gambling operators who fail to follow this new policy by the company would face a possible ban on their app and they will not be allowed to publish in the App Store. 

A lot of gambling operators cried foul and did not like the new policy as it will severely affect their business in so many ways. The implementation of the policy was supposed to start last September 5 but this date proves to be unrealistic for the operators. Looking carefully into it, it does seem to be a very difficult, nearly impossible task for the game developers to build native apps at such short notice.

However, there was a silver lining for the game developers as Apple became a little concerned about it. It decided to back down with the policy and removed the condition of ban from the gambling apps. Therefore, the operators in the industry who wish to publish their apps on the App Store now have sufficient time at hand.  They can work as per the updated policies accordingly. As of now, Apple has provided these developers time till March 2020 to sort out all the issues pertaining to HTML5 built apps for iOS. This would remain the status of policy change unless Apple decided to change its mind about it and bring something new in the picture.