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Central Pharmacy Logistics selects SYSPRO to simplify the process of dispensing investigational drugs direct-to-patients for clinical trials

Australian supply chain start-up for the clinical trials of drugs, Central Pharmacy Logistics (CPL), has selected SYSPRO Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), to provide the company with an integrated digital platform to streamline its supply chain and simplify the process of dispensing investigational pharmaceuticals direct-to-patients for clinical trials.

The start-up is the brainchild of Director and Founder of Central Pharmacy Logistics, Rima Darwiche, who is a Registered Pharmacist and an accredited medical researcher, who saw an opportunity to offer specialist supply chain services to enable the highly regulated but essential medical research work to be carried out on Australasian soil.

CPL wanted to apply the direct-to-consumer eCommerce model to the pharmaceutical trials industry and its founder, Rima was inspired by the likes of Amazon, Netflix and Uber Eats for their slick digital delivery models. The objective was to not only improve the recruitment and retention of volunteer patients here due to providing a much better experience but also to enable its sponsors’ products to reach the market faster and with significantly lower operational costs.

“We shortlisted two ERP providers initially due to their capabilities with inventory, financials and Distribution, but the clear choice after the initial evaluation was SYSPRO, due to its specialist solutions for the supply chain space as well as its traceability capabilities. We felt SYSPRO and its partner MNM Solutions were a perfect fit for CPL, in terms of cultural fit, the team’s expertise in our field and the affordable solutions they put forward to solve all of our challenges and to fully digitalise the business,” said Rima Darwiche.

“Fully digitalising the company at the outset is a smart decision for CPL, which will help them on their journey towards Industry 4.0. SYSPRO ERP will be the backbone of CPL’s business and will automate its supply chain, eliminate paper-based processes and will easily manage the significant reporting and audit requirements of clinical trials,” said Rob Stummer, Asia Pacific CEO at SYSPRO.

SYSPRO’s integration partner, MNM Solutions and their partner Room40 for e-commerce will be involved in CPL’s rapid implementation. The new fully interconnected ERP platform from SYSPRO will integrate with the company’s Quality Management System (QMS), which enables the company to be compliant with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and the US Food and Drug Administration's (FDA's) Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).

“Traceability is crucial in the investigational pharmaceuticals sector because stability can be an issue with trial drugs, so it is essential that they are transported and stored in the perfect environmental conditions at extremely specific temperatures. If an error occurs in this process, the drugs may become defective and will need to be urgently recalled or re-administered,” said Rima Darwiche.

“CPL’s technology-driven approach will put Australia and New Zealand on a competitive global platform to attract more drug companies to do their clinical trials here. We are already working with major drug companies trialling COVID prevention drugs as well as spinal injury therapy,” said Rima Darwiche.

“With SYSPRO ERP, CPL will be in a strong position to replace the traditional time-consuming method of clinical trials with a smooth digital delivery experience that offers an extremely professional and efficient direct to patient model that will improve the health outcomes of people in Australia and New Zealand,” concluded Rob Stummer.