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Ground Breaking Micro Data Centre Technology Revolutionises IT For Remote Mine Sites

Offering a brand new generation of micro data centres that are robust, secure, cost-effective and easily implemented in any global location.

The historical problems associated with fixed server rooms on remote mine sites includes excessive costs, limited monitoring, inefficiency and scaling challenges. Zella DC provides an innovate solution, offering a brand new generation of micro data centres that are robust, secure, cost-effective and easily implemented in any global location.

IT data centres have long been problematic within industries, such as mining. Issues with remote, harsh environments were only the beginning of the challenges faced by companies that needed to further embrace technology to remain current and competitive. The multiple predicaments surrounding the successful maintenance of fixed server rooms at remote mine sites drove Angie and Clinton Keeler to found Zella DC. 10 years ago, this tech-savvy collaboration knew that if they could create a solution that was capable of working in the toughest of remote mine sites, then it would be suitable for any challenging location on a global scale. The answer was to develop wholly user-friendly micro data centres.

The hurdles were many. But the heart of the solution was to remove the need for such establishments to have a fixed server room. Not only were these expensive and problematic to maintain, but they only provided limited monitoring capabilities and were difficult to scale alongside business needs.

By developing, moulding and optimising micro data centres – and doing so on remote mine sites - the company was able to evolve the technology to ensure that it was built upon the blocks that would allow it to be used in any location, no matter how isolated or harsh an environment. Other advantages of this cutting-edge era of micro data centres include:

·       Reducing costs: Thanks to lowered energy usage and infrastructure needs

·       Wholly scalable: The data centre grows along with your business needs

·       Secure: Against both cyber and physical threat

·       Reliable: Fully contained (therefore dust free) and withstands issues associated with overheating

·       User friendly: Through selection, implementation, management and maintenance

·       Seamless: Designed for easy integration between your choice of hardware and software

Early adoption and implementation with mining companies was pivotal in the optimisation of a solution that worked in the harshest of environments. Thanks to this solid foundation, Zella DC grew into the globally recognised company they are today. Putting in place the building blocks of reliability, safety, health & safety, certifications and cyber-security soon brought the company to the attention of a wide variety of industries. The rollout to government, pharmaceutical and defence sectors began, and today Zella DC micro data centres can be found on all six continents.

In addition to the mining industry, this unique Zella DC technology can be found within government, media, healthcare, disaster recovery and state government emergency departments.

CTO and Zella DC’s Co-Founder, Clinton Keeler, said: “The Zella DC modular micro data centres give our customers the flexibility to supplement or completely replace their existing fixed server room infrastructure, and be up and running within days instead of months.”

Examples of customers who are benefitting include:

·       Atlas Mines: An iron ore company that required a solution within the harsh environment of their remote offices

·       ShadowSafe: Backup and disaster recover company that have installed three modulated Zella DC micro centres

·       Southern Cross Care: A healthcare company who have taken advantage thanks to the space saved with Zella DC’s novel micro data centre solution

·       WA State Emergency Department: The creation of a critical on-site IT infrastructure

·       BHP: Local contractors installed this IT solution in Western Australia

·       Community News: The media company were delighted to have a definitive solution to summer overheating issues

·       Chilean Government: Installed multiple Zella DC micro data centres across a variety of departments and sites

Angie Keeler, Zella DC’s Co-Founder and CEO said: “With the increasing popularity of hyper-converged IT infrastructure, the majority of our customers are looking for data centre solutions that are fast, secure, scalable and cost effective, and Zella DC ticks all of those boxes.”

About Zella DC

Zella DC is committed to the advancement of micro data centre technology, bringing simple-to-implement solutions to all industries around the world. Their dedication has been recognised by Edge Computing World as a finalist in their 202 Edge Start-up of the Year Awards.