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1300apprentice launches its new website

1300Apprentice, an Australian based company which offers Apprenticeship and Traineeships programs across a broad spectrum of industries and businesses, recently launched its new website www.1300Apprentice.com.au.

With the launch of the new website, 1300Apprentice is able to offer user-friendly features to potential audiences and allow them to easily scan the website and get more information on the various services it provides which include apprenticeships, traineeships, job apprenticeships, traineeship jobs, business traineeships, employment apprenticeships, and apprenticeship courses.

What makes the new www.1300apprentice.com.au stand out of the crowd?

Easy to Navigate

The website is easy to navigate with various sections like Traineeships, Apprenticeships, Host Employers, Job Seekers, Resources etc very clearly chalked out. A new user on the site doesn’t have to look around too much to get the information he/she requires. The website is very user friendly for them to grab more information on apprenticeship and traineeship services they provide including Boilermaker Apprenticeships, Cabinetmaking Apprenticeships, Carpentry Apprenticeships, Electrical Apprenticeships, Business Traineeships, Business Administration Traineeships,Accounts Administration Traineeships, Information Technology (Websites) Traineeships etc.

Hot Jobs!

Through a prominent ‘Hot Jobs’ section on various pages, they have made it extremely easy for their viewers to search for apprenticeships or traineeships wherein the viewers can search by Job Type, Job Location or Job Classification, or either of the three.

Career Appraisal

To add to the list of features, they have added a new service called ‘Free Career Appraisal’ for people who want make sure their careers are heading in the right direction. This service is being offered for free.

Latest Positions

Another user friendly feature is the Latest Positions scroller which keeps displaying the latest available positions across different industries and locations.

Online Applications

Interested visitors to the website can kick start their careers by applying for Apprenticeships within the website itself by filling in a small form.


For those interested in getting regular updates on the company’s activities, they have allowed visitors to subscribe to newsletters.

Social Media

The website allows visitors to access social networking accounts of the company on networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Mobile Friendly

They have made sure that visitors on the go can access the website nicely on instruments like iPhone, iPad, Android Phones, Blackberry phones as well as Windows Mobile phones.

With the launch of the new website 1300apprentice hopes to attract more visitors and serve the community with even more professionalism as they have been.

For more information, please visit: http://1300apprentice.com.au