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7 reasons why leading law firms gain greater value from LibertyLegal

Softlink showcases LibertyLegal solutions at ALLA, 23-25 September, Sydney Townhall

In today’s fast-paced, information access and delivery environment, knowledge management and research services are critical to law firm success.  

Lawyers demand the right knowledge ‘at the click of a button’ and rely heavily on timely, pertinent knowledge to ensure competitive performance and practice growth.   

Asia Pacific Customer Relationship Director, Hillary Noye said Softlink’s LibertyLegal solutions enable law firms to manage and mobilise their knowledge to generate a greater return on their investments. 

Hillary said with budgets constantly under scrutiny, and cost savings a priority across firms globally, it is vitally important for knowledge managers to present their services in terms that the firm’s partners will understand – billable hours and performance.

“Softlink’s LibertyLegal solutions help knowledge professionals demonstrate the value of information services to the firm’s success, as well as, help to future-proof their services by improving accessibility through digital technology,” Hillary said.

“LibertyLegal offers a suite of functionally rich, scalable knowledge, content and library management solutions for law firms of all shapes and sizes.

“Whether your knowledge centre or law library offers a digital, traditional or hybrid collection; is a one-person managed centre or has multiple branches across a wide range of diverse locations – LibertyLegal offers a solution suitable to your needs.”

Hillary said many of the world’s leading law firms are now using a Softlink solution.  “We have been working with leading law firms across the globe to develop solutions to meet the modern firm’s knowledge needs for today and tomorrow,” he said.  

The 7 reasons why law firms are turning to Softlink LibertyLegal solutions included:

1.Benefits of cloud technology – LibertyLegal offers a range of cloud-based solutions, providing access through any web-browser, anywhere and anytime.

2.Dynamic automated current awareness alerts and digests based on practice and special interest groups. 

3.Mobility of resources 24/7 via modern digital devices – including ability for law libraries to provide Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) solutions for the firm.

4.Integration with digital resources and electronic content providers, as well as practice and business systems based on technologies such as SharePoint. 

5.Ability to demonstrate the value of research to firms with illumin.  The illumin product teams perfectly with Liberty to boost knowledge performance of research projects and requests.  Illumin offers the ability to effectively receive, manage, track, publish and reuse queries and solutions, as well as, record resource and time allocation.    

6.Engagement of users with interactive home page technology.  Visually interactive slideshows, book carousels and RSS feeds enable knowledge managers to promote popular resources and topical information to users.

7.Easy Google-Style Searching to help new lawyers access the right information through search styles familiar to them.

Hillary said Softlink was looking forward to showcasing LibertyLegal and illumin at ALLA.  

“The combination of LibertyLegal and illumin provides an unmatchable knowledge performance platform that will improve the accessibility and value of any library service or information centre,” he said.

LibertyLegal offers the latest knowledge, content and library management solutions for law firms and adds to Softlink’s successful Liberty suite of solutions for public, academic and special libraries.

To find out more please visit Softlink at stand 28 at ALLA, 23-25 September at Sydney Townhall or contact www.softlinkint.com or 1800 777 037

About Softlink
Softlink is a world-leading developer of knowledge, content, library management solutions, supporting more than 10,000 legal, corporate, education, government and public organisations and libraries across 108 countries.

Softlink’s leading solutions Liberty and LibertyLegal are integration and functionally rich, fully customisable platforms for digital and physical knowledge asset management, discovery and delivery.  Softlink is based in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and America.  www.softlinkint.com