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7 Steps To Creating Your Kick Ass Fitness eBook

An eBook for your personal training business has a number of benefits; they aid in building a relationship of trust between you and your potential clients, they help to create website visits, they are easy to create and can be sent out countless times to many people.

Once it is ready, you have a career asset that is entirely free to distribute!

Part of having an eBook in your marketing arsenal, is that all important task of being able to generate quality leads. If you haven’t already, check out our guide to creating effective lead magnets for your business.

1. Choose your topic

First and foremost, determine what your eBook will be about. Look at who you want to target and consider topics they will most likely find interesting. ‘Booty Building’ guides are all the rage at the moment, or perhaps your clientele would be more interested in ‘IIFYM’ (If It Fits Your Macros)?

Once you’ve decided on a topic, research, research and research some more. At this stage, an idea for a title should be forming. Think of something that neatly sums up your content, yet is catchy enough to entice a reader.

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