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A decade recap in interior styling: the 2010s

Another decade done and dusted! There’s no better time to revisit the decade that was the 2010s with a recap in interior styling thanks to Director and Principal Stylist at Vault Interiors, Justine Wilson.

Justine says, “The 2010s was such a revolutionary decade for interior styling in my eyes. From vintage vibes and urban chic, to the ever popular Scandi and Nordic west styling, we saw so many new and old revived trends come and go. It’s always fun to reflect on what has been and what’s to come!”

Justine’s decade recap in interior styling, the 2010s:

Interiors a decade ago had a rustic and salvaged feel with stacked vintage suitcases, wooden antique birdcages and farmhouse feels. Large dark wooden furniture was popular, key décor items included dress makers mannequins, antique bus scrolls and industrial factory light pendants.

2011 was a year of bold pattern woollen rugs, especially Moroccan types and the much loved chevron pattern, paired with colourful and mismatched dining chairs and timber tables. Replica furniture dominated and everyone had an eames chair! Overscale wall decals, and inspirational quotes were a prerequisite. Primary colours were on trend, think yellow, cobalt blue and red.

Painting a feature wall in chalkboard paint, large leafy ferns and terrariums were the big trend. 2012 was the year gallery walls made a comeback. Industrial furniture was popular along with lots of plant life, hanging plants, floor plants and succulents reigned supreme. Everyone wanted the converted warehouse feel!

The year metallics started to make a big comeback and the overall interior trends moved from masculine tan leather, vintage finds and dark wood to lighter tones, soft pastel accents and more thin modern lines. Geometric patterns were big, along with facet motifs. Rose gold became a favourite, and interiors shifted towards a lighter airy feminine colour palette overall.

2014 – GLAM BAM
Velvet really made a comeback as well as rich colours like teal, navy, chartreuse and plum. Furniture had a more classic feel with tailored lines, studded trims, a nod to Victorian style in furniture design; think chesterfields and buttoned headboards. Everyone painted walls grey with white wooden trims!

We saw a lean towards all things with a matte finish, especially in bathroom and kitchen hardware, and in particular matte black. The subway tile become super popular, especially with black or grey grout for kitchen or bathroom selections. Monochromatic interior palettes with black, grey and white was king and marble became a big player in furniture and finishes.

Funky neon signs were really big, along with exposed brick walls, polished timber floors and furniture that had a trendy café feel, such as metal and powder coated designs. Popular accents colours included hot pink and blue, and everyone wanted a green wall!

2017 – SCANDI
Scandi became a leading trend for 2017 and is still influencing interiors today. Thin simple lines, light oak woods, simple shapes, pastel pinks and grey were the go-to. Faux fur, fiddle leaf figs and really pared back paint tones in white and light grey were on trend. This is the year Kmart and Target upped their game and started a styling revolution. Both retailers started offering more affordable on-trend homewares and we saw a surge in newbie stylists sharing their home love and inspiring others on social media.

With influencers and bloggers ruling the world, top interior trends had a fashion feel. Think NYC loft style, acrylic furniture, gloss white, marble side tables, gold accents and popular accent colours in deep pink and navy. Large framed fashion posters and photography, design books and well styled bookshelves defined 2018. Crystals became mainstream, and agate bookends, coasters and amethyst cluster chunks became coffee table must-haves.

The Scandi influence was still strong, but it moved into a more earthy ethnic direction to include textures like macramé wall hangings, crushed linen bedspreads and cow hide rugs. Monochromatic accents with Aztec prints and lots of layering were the big trend. Scandi furniture lines were still popular, but in darker walnut and black tones instead of the light oak we had seen in previous years.

Interior trends now have a global feel – it’s all about the world traveller, think boho eclectic vibes and Mediterranean lines. Homes mimic top end resorts, day spas and the hottest travel destinations. Accessories are very earthy like clay or pottery based, and dried florals are big. Soft accents in earth colours like terracotta, peach and beige are on-trend. Terrazzo is the go-to material along with handmade tiles; concrete and stucco as the preferred finish.