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Nobody loves funerals or cremations, but it is a fact of life that no one can live forever and sadly all of us will eventually be confronted with our own mortality. So what is the heart all about, it's about "CARE". ABC Cremations provides direct, unattended cremations across all Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula areas. Direct cremation doesn't mean families don't "care". We find many of our clients have spoken at length with their family about what they would prefer when the times comes. The lack of traditional funeral services doesn't mean families don't celebrate a  life, it just means they do it in their own way. 

Many have unique highly personalised events, from lunches and gatherings, often in more casual settings some times with professional celebrants and sometimes without. Families see it as an opportunity where they can exercise their choice, often without the need for professional funeral staff. This allows them to structure events in individualistic ways, truly reflecting the nature and essence of the end of life of the individual. 

So the heart represents care and love, respect and honour associated with families choice and the special place that holds in each of us.

Historically a funeral is a "ceremony connected with the final disposition of the deceased usually through burial or cremation with attendant observances. Funeral Customs typically comprise of beliefs and practices used by a culture to remember and respect the dead undertaken in their honour."(Wikipedia)  However, it may be time to redefine what a funeral is in contemporary Australia. Many families choose to have a "Celebration of Life" or 'End of Life Celebration", often without the ceremony, we once took to be necessary. This has most probably come about as our culture evolves and values change and what we once saw as compulsory practices, we now recognise as a choice. This is evident in other major life events such as marriage and the choices available too couples. So it would seem hardly surprising to see similar changes in funeral service.

Today, direct cremation is the fastest growing style of funeral service in Australia. 

With COVID 19 restrictions in place in Victoria, many families are choosing Direct Cremation and will have memorial service once the pandemic has eased and they can finally meet in large groups again.

Is Direct Cremation cheaper? Yes, direct cremation is considerably cheaper than other forms of funeral services as they require fewer resources, such as people equipment and vehicles.

Are their environmental choices with direct cremation? Yes, direct cremation uses repurposed timbers, previously meant for landfill to create cost effect simple coffins.

ABC Cremation is Melbournes lowest cost direct cremation service.