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ABnote and SimplyTapp Launch HCE at Cartes America

Fort Lee, New Jersey – May 13, 2014 - ABnote, a leading global card manufacturer and provider of Near Field Communication (NFC) and Trusted Service Manager (TSM) based solutions, and its strategic partner, SimplyTapp, the world leader in Host Card Emulation (HCE) services, announced that they have completed the integration of their joint offer, first announced in February of this year. The solution is based on SimplyTapp’s existing Card Agent and Applet Service, embedded within ABnote’s Visa / MasterCard certified Trusted Service Manager (TSM). The integrated solution is now market ready, and will be showcased at the Cartes America tradeshow in Las Vegas May 13 – 15.

“We’re excited to bring to market the first scalable mobile payments solution for NFC enabled devices. The HCE technology makes use of the handsets embedded antenna and controller, while bypassing the Secure Element and providing a secure and agnostic approach to mobile payment”, said ABnote Global CIO John Ekers.

“Consistent with the speed of adoption of HCE by Android, then Visa and Mastercard, we are extremely excited to offer the commercial capability only a few months after beginning this collaboration”, said SimplyTapp CEO, Doug Yeager.

About ABnote
ABnote, with facilities in North America, Europe, Africa, and Australasia, is a premier and trusted provider of secure products and solutions. We provide solutions to global customers including financial, retail, government, and many other commercial markets. ABnote’s primary products include financial cards (Dual Interface, EMV, magnetic stripe), identification and credential cards (Drivers’ Licenses, National ID cards, Student ID), transit cards, hotel, facility and theme park access cards and membership programs, retail plastic cards (gift, loyalty, RFID), barcodes and labels and secure documents (vital records, certificates, passports, and more); along with complimentary secure services, including instant card issuance, NFC mobile payments, TSM, personalization, secure warehousing, distribution and fulfillment.

About SimplyTapp
Founded in 2011, SimplyTapp creates new and powerful open platforms that enable developers to innovate and leverage mobile devices for tap-payments and other real-world transactions. The company's first platform leverages host card emulation (HCE) in conjunction with near field communications (NFC). It serves both retailers and financial institution’s mobile payments initiatives, allowing the existing developer infrastructure to innovate and provide a solid competitive offering to companies like paypal and stripe. https://www.simplytapp.com