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AccessData Releases Cyber Intelligence & Response Technology (CIRT) Version 2

CIRT is the Only Cyber Security Platform to Integrate Network and Host Forensics, Malware Analysis, Data Auditing and Remediation

LINDON, UT – July 24, 2012 – AccessData announced the release of Cyber Intelligence & Response Technology Version 2 (CIRT 2). CIRT is first platform to integrate network and computer forensics, malware analysis, large-scale data auditing and remediation. The solution is an integration of four of AccessData’s proprietary technologies: the AD Enterprise network-enabled computer forensics solution, SilentRunner network forensics product, the data auditing capabilities of AD eDiscovery and — new in version 2 — AccessData’s new Cerberus malware analysis technology.

Traditionally, organizations rely on a number of disparate tools for information assurance and incident response. There are often multiple teams each focusing on one small aspect of a much larger cyber security picture. For example, a forensics team, a network security team, information assurance or compliance auditing team each use different tools and may or may not collaborate on a daily basis. According to Jason Mical, Director of Network Forensics at AccessData, these gaps in technologies and processes make it difficult for an organization to quickly identify when a security breach or data leak has occurred. Since perimeter defense and alerting technologies can only detect threats that have been previously defined, the ability to catch what tools, such as intrusion detection systems (IDS) and data loss prevention (DLP), miss is vital. “Today, when an organization discovers it has been compromised, it is often by accident, and usually long after widespread damage has occurred. CIRT is designed to provide 360-degree visibility into what is happening on your network to speed detection, root cause analysis and thorough remediation,” stated Mical.

By allowing users to correlate computer, network and malware data, as well as audit thousands of machines, CIRT gives organizations the ability to identify and address all types of threats, including zero day events, hacking, data spillage and advanced persistent threats. Using CIRT organizations can continuously monitor network traffic, computers and removable media, and can more quickly acquire actionable intelligence in the event of a cyber incident. In addition, with CIRT’s “check in” feature, CIRT users can monitor the laptops of traveling employees, even when they are not logged on to the organization’s network.

In a June 2010 article in the DoD blog, Armed with Science, head of US Cyber Command, General Alexander, stated “… we have been leaning forward and building an organization and a mission alignment that is more integrated, synchronized and effective…” In Mical’s view, integrated, synchronized and effective should extend beyond people and processes to include the technology deployed in facilitating incident response. In his words, “the incident response infrastructure is an organization’s last line of defense, so a few different teams, each juggling a bunch of tools, is not the most effective approach.”

One platform providing a single pane of glass through which users can see what is happening on the network and at the host level has been the vision of AccessData CEO, Tim Leehealey for the last decade. Key features of AccessData’s Cyber Intelligence & Response Technology include the following:

•Correlate network and host analysis to quickly determine root cause and more effectively chase down data spillage.
•Identify and triage suspected malware, determining behavior and intent without the sandbox or reliance on signature-based tools.
•Perform proactive and reactive enterprise audits to identify data spillage, such as personally identifiable information, payment card information or classified documents.
•Play back security incidents in real-time to gain a better understanding of an exploit or data spill.
•Build threat profiles and monitor to prevent incident recurrence.
•Continuously monitor the network and information assets, including removable devices, on or off the organization’s network.
•Perform batch remediation.

“By providing integrated analysis from multiple vantage points, as well as real-time collaboration among personnel and easy-to-read reporting for those at the top of the command chain, AccessData’s CIRT solution is the only product of its kind, engineered to better aid organizations in their efforts to stop the bleeding,” commented Leehealey.

“Organisations internationally are beginning to realise that there is a need for holistic cyber-security. The malware attacks plaguing the regions are growing not only in volume but also in sophistication. Merely having a firewall or basic security system in place is no longer sufficient. Both government and private enterprises need to address this by developing a security strategy that includes digital forensics and incident response," said Simon Whitburn, VP International at AccessData Group.

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AccessData Group has pioneered digital investigations and litigation support for 25 years. Its family of stand-alone and enterprise-class solutions, including FTK, SilentRunner, Summation and the CIRT security framework, enable digital investigations of any kind, including computer forensics, incident response, e-discovery, legal review and compliance auditing. More than 100,000 users in law enforcement, government agencies, corporations and law firms worldwide rely on AccessData software solutions and premier digital investigation and hosted review services. AccessData is also a leading provider of digital