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Acoustic Solution For Dulwich Hill Light Rail Systems

by Modular Wall Systems

Transdev Australasia required an acoustic fence shielding pedestrian pathway users and neighbours in Dulwich Hill, NSW from a light rail dual carriageway system. The acoustic fencing system required mounting to an existing structure and had to be impact resistant to withstand the rigors of day to day foot traffic.  An additional requirement of the noise reduction fence was to have negligible impact on all bordering vegetation and flora.

The solution offered by Modular Wall Systems included a custom designed panel fencing system measuring 2.35m – 2.4m high and 42m long, and incorporating the AcoustiMax™ 50 panels with a proven noise reduction of 20+dB. Highly innovative bespoke microline steel clad panels ensured the fences impact resistance. The pre-finish panels meant the fence didn’t require painting following installation, and the pale eculypt colour blended perfectly with fringing vegetation and flora. An ingenious bespoke support channel was utilised so the fence was attached directly to an existing structure that ensured the width of the pathway was not compromised and that the surrounding environment remained intact and undamaged. This also had the added benefit of assuring fast installation.


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