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ACS Distance Education Releases A New Course – Artificial Intelligence

ACS Distance Education Releases A New Course – Artificial Intelligence

We have just released a new Artificial Intelligence course that can be useful for anybody making strategic business decisions.

Artificial neural networks are the building blocks of AI. The course investigates and compares human neural network with artificial neural networks. The human brain is trained to solve problems by attempting them. Similarly, AI makes use of deep learning and machine learning, while trying to resolve an issue logically in its own programming language.

Learn how AI is used by businesses in marketing and customer relations. For example, AI can observe a customer’s online shopping patterns and make recommendations. The company can target market their products. Customers receive specific information and can choose the best option.

AI can also be seen in industries such as horticulture and agriculture (e.g. for precision pest control), transport and logistics industry (e.g. implementing self-driven vehicles), healthcare sector (e.g. customising patient's treatment delivery). Education, leisure, environment are some other industry sectors that make use of AI.

The applications for artificial intelligence are immense from agriculture, horticulture, business, automating manufacturing processes and more.

During this 100 hour course you will be guided through understanding what Artificial Intelligence is and how it can be used in a business setting. Start now, learn for the future.

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