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AECOM Synergises project data management with 12d

AEC data management software enables work-share and alleviates remote area network issues throughout major projects

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, September 16, 2015 – The Queensland division of global integrated infrastructure firm AECOM, has implemented 12d Synergy to seamlessly manage the trove of data generated on major public infrastructure, transport and water projects, among others.
Comprising 1100 employees across multiple user groups – including designers, planners and engineers – AECOM Queensland became an early adopter of 12d Synergy data management and collaboration software to support projects created using 12d Model, a comprehensive geospatial platform also developed by 12d Solutions.
Faced with the inefficiencies of trying to access 12d Model projects over its Wide Area Network (WAN), AECOM selected 12d Synergy’s specialist architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) software to enable work-sharing for staff and third-party contractors throughout the lifecycle of its projects. This circumvented the WAN bandwidth limitations imposed by remote project access between offices, which hindered productivity on these projects.
“There’s a growing trend within our market to work-share among various resource spaces – such as the office and remote locations – and we wanted to create this sort of environment for our design specialists to streamline the production process and drive greater efficiencies,” said Steve Hunter, Principal Technical Officer, AECOM Australia.
“But the problem was that, like other AEC software, 12d Model projects contain so much data we previously couldn’t open them effectively over our WAN. We tried a number of band-aid solutions such as managing 12d Model files using third party software in the form of zipped working folders. This was done specifically because the alternative data management solution could only handle individual files and not dynamically-updating folders of files. This meant users were required to create a zipped folder containing their portion of the 12d Model project and upload it to distribute to other members of the design team. These other users were only able to continue the design process after downloading the zipped data file and extracting the contents  The size of these zip files could exceed two gigabytes which meant slow download times over the WAN.
12d Synergy eliminated this manual labour by introducing unique caching capabilities, giving users quick access to projects from any location, and managing synchronisation back to the master server when changes are made.
This empowered greater workflow control for road designers, drainage designers and engineers as each group has instant access to the most up-to-date versions of additions and amendments made to project files. In addition to boosted productivity, AECOM has alleviated pressure on its WAN connections as it no longer has to concurrently process large folders of data.
“An organisation the size of AECOM has thousands of project files that need to be easily accessed, changed and updated – there’s simply no time for lengthy document administration,” said Joel Gregory, General Manager, 12d Solutions. “The 12d Synergy software introduces a more structured approach for AECOM’s employees, effectively eliminating operator errors in manual processes and removing strain from a WAN connection that hindered remote access to 12d Model data.”
Should AECOM experience an unexpected model data fault or need to backtrack through the normal design iteration process, 12d Synergy’s version control provides a safety net in that it allows users to revert to a previous instance in the project’s lifecycle.
AECOM is also receiving 12d Synergy’s renowned and locally-based support to pro-actively mitigate potential issues and provide new ideas and functionalities to optimise its usage of the software.
About 12d Synergy
12d Synergy is the data management and collaboration product of Australian-based Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) software developer, 12d Solutions. 12d Synergy is designed to solve problems around tracking email correspondence, document management and transmittals, task allocation and management of geospatial data from 12d Model and other industry-standard AEC design platforms. 12d Synergy is available globally from 12d and authorised resellers. For more information, please visit www.12dsynergy.com.
About 12d Solutions
12d Solutions is an Australian Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) software developer founded in 1991. The company’s flagship product, 12d Model, is a powerful terrain modelling, surveying and civil engineering software package built for projects including, but not restricted to, land development, highways, mining, urban drainage and flood modelling. 12d Solutions is available globally from 12d and authorised resellers. For more information, please visit www.12d.com.
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