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Appetiser and Hear Me Talk bring accessibility to email through app that reads emails aloud

New mobile app features technology that makes email easy to access for people with reading difficulties

10 December 2019, Melbourne Australia – Leading mobile and web app company Appetiser App Development and digital startup Hear Me Talk proudly present Hear Mail, a powerful new app for getting through emails efficiently regardless of any reading difficulties.

Hear Mail reads text aloud, enabling users to check their inboxes hands-free. The app also allows users to skip from a current email to the next, or delete spam at any point along the way.

This email reader works with Google and Microsoft applications, including G Suite and Office 365.

Hear Mail is the brainchild of Shane Kerr, Hear Me Talk’s founder. Initially, Kerr wanted a solution for email backlog to help users get on to other business matters quickly and instantaneously.

Eventually, he recognised that the app has huge potential to support the visually impaired and disabled community as well as anyone facing reading challenges.

“Initially I was frustrated that I didn’t have enough time to read my emails and wanted an easier solution to manage both work and emails. Then the idea morphed into something more powerful: an app that can bring accessibility to the visually impaired and disabled. I’m really excited about how the app can help people who really need it.” said Kerr.

When asked about his work with Appetiser Apps, Kerr said: “Michael and the gang were very insightful, patient and thorough. I had a great experience.” 

“Then the idea morphed into something more powerful: an app that can bring accessibility to the visually impaired and disabled. I’m excited about the app and how it can help people who really need it.”


Appetiser Apps — known for creating high-quality designs and applications that are beautiful, functional and innovative — has equipped Hear Mail with powerful assistive features that include text-to-speech technology, voice commands, and touch controls.

According to the World Health Organisation, assistive technologies and devices enable participation and enhance the overall well-being by maintaining or improving an individual’s functioning and independence.

Assistive technologies also include systems that help prevent impairments and secondary health conditions. Although primarily associated with people with disabilities or gradual function decline, assistive technologies can be customised according to every individual’s needs and improve many lives.

Assistive technologies can range from simple to complex products. Some examples include jar openers that have been modified for the elderly, a magnifying glass to improve vision, and specialised computer software and hardware that increase mobility, hearing, or communication capacities.

Hear Mail has a one-time registration fee of only $9.99, and is available on both iOS and Android devices. For more details, visit https://hearmailapp.com/.

About Appetiser App Development

Appetiser Apps in Australia’s fastest mobile and web app development company. Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, with offices across three continents, Appetiser creates apps with award-winning designs and over 8 million users. Founded in 2016, some of their achievements include achieving $269 million in start-up valuations and being awarded Deloitte 2019 Fast Starter, Young Entrepreneur of the Year and SmartCompany 30 Under 30. Find out more here https://appetiser.com.au/.

About Hear Me Talk

New email reading app Hear Mail is a Brisbane-based startup that aims to provide creative digital solutions for businesses and consumers alike to simplify and increase productivity in your everyday life. It is focused on building functional yet affordable products that help people from all walks of life cope with the day-to-day challenges in today's fast-evolving digital and highly automated world. Find out more here. https://hearmailapp.com.