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APS Reviews it's ADI Application

Monthly product focus

Advance Digital Imaging (ADI)is a software application that addresses the increasingly time-consuming issue of how to deal with incoming client-related paper in a systematic way. With ADI, both, filing and extracting data from single-dimension forms and notices are dealt with in a simple scan. To put it mildly, we're really excited about ADI because it enables firms to turn laborious people-heavy data entry processes into a single technology driven process.


What does it do?

Essentially, ADI extracts information and data from documents as they are scanned, enabling your team to work with that data in a dynamic way. For example, we can automate the capture of information and data from, for example, Tax Assessment Notices. You can scan incoming Notices of Assessments (NOA's), and the software will 'scrape' the appropriate data and populate the correct areas within Advance Tax, then compare theresults in the Advance system. It will then generate the appropriate client letters or deliver focused emails toindividuals within the practice to alert themof potential differences. All this happens in a single processwhile, simultaneously, saving the file into your Document Management system.

Additionally the application can create unique barcodes that can be attached to paper documents for automatic scanning, profilingand saving directly into your Document Management system..

Similarly, as we develop the Advance DI product functionality to meet the broader requirements of the professional accounting market, data and information from many other paper-based documents that firms handle as a part of day-to-day business will be able to be captured into relevant applications within the Advance suite.

Advance DI adds an important functional benefit to APS clients seeking efficiencies in their businesses both from a resource management and time saving perspective.

If you have anyqueries or would likefurther information, please call Renne Daw on (02) 9965 1340 or alternatively renned@aps-advance.com