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Attachmate's Luminet 4.4 Upgrade helps stop fraud and misuse

Luminet now Integrates with NetIQ® Sentinel™ 7, Improves SIEM Operationand Provides Better Visibility to Oracle Forms Activity

MELBOURNE – 19 September, 2012 –Attachmate Corporation today announced the release of Attachmate®Luminet® 4.4, a leading enterprise fraud management solution that helps thwart insider fraud and misuse. The advancements incorporated into Luminet 4.4 assist organisations with their data visibility needs—enhancing the view into user activity across core systems and multiple channels within the enterprise.These new capabilities and Luminet’s short deployment cycles mean that customers can gain visibility and value in a matter of weeks. Other key advancesand capabilities in the Luminet 4.4 release include:

·         Integration of user activity data into SIEM engines such as NetIQ® SentinelTM 7: Luminet 4.4 provides data that is missing from log-based systems today. This integration offers enhanced fraud investigation to help companies stop misuse of important information, gain and maintain compliance with industry regulations, and more easily create detailed audits of user activity on their data.

·         Visibility into existing Oracle Forms applications: Luminet 4.4 allows enterprise customers to see what users are doing with their existing Oracle Forms 6.5 and Oracle Forms 10 applications. This new visibility allows organisations to derive additional value from their existing Oracle Forms applications, without migrating or modifying code.

·         Continuous monitoring:Luminet 4.4 captures a real-time, over-the-shoulder view of user activity on all enterprise applications—from the mainframe to the Web. Luminet also records user activity in real time—screen by screen, keystroke by keystroke—creating an audit trail directly from the network. This audit trail includes both update and read-only actions for both regular and privileged users. This information-rich resource can be instrumental in discovering fraud and helping organisationsmanage their compliance with various regulations including HIPAA, PCIDSS, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, FISMA, Basel II and privacy directives.

·         Threat detection, audit and forensic analysis: Timely implementation of Luminet 4.4 helps organisations around the globequickly detect threats before they have severe consequences. Its powerful analytics engine can pinpoint suspicious actions—based on business rules and weighted scores that enterprise customers havedefined—and generate real-time alerts related to questionable activity patterns. All analytic activity is recorded, which means enterprises can gather clear and actionable forensic evidence to support audits or legal actions weeks or even months after the events occurred.

“Enterprise fraud and misuse management continues to be a growing market as more organizations realise the need to address fraud across multiple channels,” said Avivah Litan, vice president and distinguished analyst from Gartner. “Enterprise fraud and misuse management technology can save organisations around the world billions of dollars by enabling operational efficiencies, supporting compliance and ferreting out fraud and misuse that would otherwise go undetected.”

“We are excited to share this comprehensive security solution with our customers,” said Tom Bice, vice president of marketing and product management for Attachmate. “The SIEM integration was undertaken because of strong market demand and requests from existing customers to add the user activity data within Luminet to SIEM solutions across the board. By taking this step, we’ve made it possible for traditional SIEM engines to see data they don’t typically see, which builds context around user activity and enhances overall data monitoring. Working together, Luminet and SIEM solutions like Sentinel 7 bring a new dimension to compliance and application monitoring, and decrease the time needed to gain the actionable intelligence needed for mitigating operational risk and ensuring the integrity of enterprise systems.”

About Attachmate Corporation

Attachmate Corporation, headquartered in Seattle, Wash., delivers advanced software for terminal emulation, legacy modernization, managed file transfer, and enterprise fraud management. Three decades of IT innovation and a solid reputation for customer satisfaction have distinguished Attachmate in the marketplace. In fact, the vast majority of global 10,000 companies use our technologies to execute billions of transactions every day.

Attachmate is one of four business units in a privately held enterprise software holding company called The Attachmate Group. The other three business units are Novell, NetIQ, and SUSE.

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