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Auslectrical has Solutions for Home, Commercial and Hazardous Areas

Auslectrical provides a complete range for уоur electrical nееdѕ. These include electrical maintenance and contracting services fоr nеw construction.

People never think about their electricity unless there’s a problem or they need an electrical-related device or service installed. As the owner of Auslectrical, Paul Tonkin, thinks about electricity all the time and understands that it isn’t a luxury – it’s an absolute necessity.

Auslectrical is available 24/7 for services in residential, commercial, industrial and hazardous areas. The company can help with wiring for renovations, the installation of outlets and energy efficient LED lighting, power outages, fault finding, and is IECEx qualified for working in hazardous areas. The company also performs electrical inspections, contracting for new construction projects, and offers free quotes.

The Joondalup electrician offers a full range of domestic electrical services encompassing computer networking, data and communication systems, and safety switches. Hot water systems and smoke detectors are essential services that Auslectrical can handle with ease. Ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, and additional outlets to safely handle the wide arrange of electrical devices now in use are all part of the services offered by the electrical professionals.

Commercial and industrial needs are complex and have complicated components. The company provides maintenance, troubleshooting, installation, repair and replacement that meet the demanding specifications of industrial and commercial requirements in a timely and cost effective manner.

From emergency lighting systems to underground electrical problems, the Joondalup electricians are able to identify problems and rectify them, whether the issue is power distribution, the installation of fixed machinery, or data and communications cabling. They also perform test and tagging, provide signage, inspections, upgrades, and scheduled maintenance that reduces downtime and costs for clients.

Vapors, dust and gases used in a variety of environments present potentially hazardous situations in areas of electrical usage. Specialized electrical equipment developed for use in and around those areas requires an elevated level of knowledge and experience available with Auslectrical. The company is certified for classification, auditing and compliance, along with engineering and the installation of hazardous areas electrical equipment.

When residents and owners of businesses and commercial enterprises seek the services of electrical contractors near Joondalup, Auslectrical has the experience, certifications and specialized knowledge required for electrical work in homes and hazardous environments. They’re available 24/7 to ensure clients have access to essential electrical power.

About Auslectrical
Auslectrical offers electrical service, installations, repairs and maintenance in Perth. Auslectrical is an electrical company with industry experts in all aspects of electrical works including residential, commercial, industrial and hazardous areas. Our well-trained and licensed electricians have a strong knowledge in the field and focus on customer service with same day service.

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