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Aussieshave.com still leads the Australian market - welcomes Dollar Shave Club's launch

Australian company has disrupted the men's grooming market - questions Dollar Shave Club's hype.

MELBOURNE: Aussieshave.com, Australia’s largest membership service delivering high-quality razor blades monthly to subscriber’s homes welcomes competition in the Australian market from Dollar Shave Club.


Aussieshave.com launched with substantial media attention in June 2012 attracting over 2 million hits within the first hour of going online.  In just six months, www.aussieshave.com has secured a large percentage of the Australian men’s grooming market. Aussieshave is presently the biggest online razor subscription service in Australia. Since June 2012, Australians have flocked to purchase quality razor blades at affordable prices.


www.aussieshave.com was founded by Paul Dabrowa and Natalie Same after they noticed the success of www.razwar.com in Belgium in 2008. The noticed a number of international companies take up the subscription razor model. ”Basing your business around a Gimmicky video and an old idea isn’t ground-breaking” Mr. Dabrowa said; “We received 2 million hits to our website within an hour of launch and have a solid position in the Australian market. You need more than a funny video to deliver quality and value to the Australian customer.”



Customers visit the aussieshave.com website and choose one of three shaver subscriptions: the “Simple Bloke” ($1/month + shipping), the “TripleXXX” ($6.99/month and free shipping), and the “Supreme” (AU$9.99/month and free shipping) which includes a free handle and a month of cartridges.


Mr. Dabrowa said “Australians have been ripped off for years by “big shave”! We are shaking up the Australian market by offering razors for 70% off brand name prices. Our business model is innovative and provides a cheaper and more convenient product.”


Aussieshave.com is the largest online razor service in Australia and has a solid position in the market. “Yes the Dollarshaveclub video is funny, but it is like the Macarena it has had its 15min of fame – we deliver quality and keep the money in Australia.” Natalie Same stated.







About Aussieshave.com


Aussieshave.com is a proudly Australian online subscription service for quality razor blades. Each month a premium razor is delivered directly to members homes for 70% the price of brand name shavers.


Aussieshave.com subscribers have three options:

-Simple Bloke: 2 blade razor for $1 per month + S&H

-The TripleXXX: 3 blade premium razor for $6.99 per month (free shipping).

-The Supreme: 5 Blade Premium razor with advanced technology for 9.99 per month (free shipping).





Aussieshave.com razors have stainless steel blades, pivoting heads and aloe lubrication.


For more information about Aussieshave.com, visit www.aussieshave.com


Media coverage can be viewed via:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Poer9l2NYD4