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Australian-based partnership delivers end-to-end field service solution

Level 5 Lean and Cincom Systems of Australia form an alliance to effectively and sustainably address competitive challenges across the defence, manufacturing, distribution, medical and facilities management industries.

(Sydney, Australia) – Worldwide software provider Cincom Systems (www.cincom.com.au) form an alliance with Level 5 Lean (www.level5lean.com.au) to effectively and sustainably address competitive challenges across the defence, manufacturing, distribution, medical and facilities management industries. These industry segments are to be targeted by a new partnership between Level 5 Lean, a provider of world-class Lean consulting services, and Cincom, a supplier of leading Lean manufacturing software from Ultriva.

“Cincom’s Lean Execution capability provides the first truly Lean Thinking based software solution to eliminate wastes, found within many companies and their associated supply chains, here in Australia. ‘’The relationship enables, for the first time, a complete solution” said Grant Forsdick, Managing Director, of Level 5 Lean. “While Level 5 Lean’s role is using Lean Thinking to increase enterprise value through operational excellence, Cincom’s role is to underpin and consolidate the resultant transformation with world class software systems.

Due to the Cincom and Level 5 Lean alliance, those organisations looking to improve their businesses, maximise the value chain, reduce unit cost and improve customer service through the reduction of wastes, can call on an experienced alliance that provides both skills and solutions. Level 5 Lean has a unique strategic approach to implementing Lean principles for both Service and Manufacturing businesses. Once organisational change is achieved, Cincom can provide the tool set to consolidate and manage Lean operations through the value chain from supplier to end customers.

“Level 5 Lean provides a new dimension to the way we can approach organisations looking to improve profitability by maximising the value chain,” said Greg Mills, Chief Executive Officer, Cincom Australia. “What we appreciate is that to achieve change within an organisation requires an understanding of Lean principles and practices first before automating process with our Lean Execution solution. Together Level 5 Lean will deliver the Lean Thinking knowhow and Cincom can deliver the software solution for those companies seeking to reduce waste, improve profits and better address their customer’s needs’’.

About Level 5 Lean

Lean 5 Lean provides strategic direction and training for executive teams preparing for, and implementing organisational change associated with the introduction of lean thinking philosophies in the manufacturing and service industries. Focusing on sustainable business improvements through the development of internal capabilities throughout the business to support improved performance.

About Cincom Systems

Cincom Systems of Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of US-based Cincom Systems. For over 40 years, Cincom's problem-solving software, services and people have helped thousands of companies all over the world grow and manage their businesses. The Australian subsidiary, established in 1975, services both Australia and New Zealand and includes Australian customers, Royal Australian Mint, ASC, Thales, CSL, Manly Windows, Campbell Scientific, SMC and TAD.
For more information about Cincom's products and services, contact Cincom at 1 800 022 871, send an e-mail to info@cincom.com.au or visit the company website at www.cincom.com.au.