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Australian Golden Retriever now UK bestselling crime author

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Monty Dog Detective is the Australian Golden Retriever who is rocketing up UK bestseller lists with his debut crime novel Monty & Me to be published in Australia for Christmas on 1 December by HarperCollins (Hardcover $22.99, eBook $4.99).

The book is co-written with two-legged, canine linguistics translator, Louisa Bennet a.k.a Australian thriller writer L.A. Larkin.

The funny mystery novel is attracting critical acclaim, described as “charming and uplifting” by UK Sunday Times’ number one bestselling crime author, Peter James.

Now, fans can watch Monty Dog Detective go on his first author tour, with a host of appearances.

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Monty Dog Detective and Louisa Bennet are available for interview.
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Why did successful thriller author L.A. Larkin turn her hand to writing a funny mystery with a dog as the central character?
Louisa Bennet’s personal goal behind the Monty & Me and videos is to provide a platform to advocate for rescue dogs and help put an end to puppy farming.
‘Humour is a great way to touch on difficult and emotive subjects in a way that’s entertaining and poignant. If readers and social media friends engage with Monty, the dog hero in the book, they’re engaging with a dog that’s rescued from the pound and adopted by a young detective. A positive message.’
Louisa has two Golden Retrievers. Pickles is the inspiration for the character of Monty and came
from a breeder she thoroughly checked out, meeting the dog’s parents and checking out their living conditions and health. Lilly is a rescued dog from Golden Retriever Rescue NSW.
‘If you’re thinking of buying a puppy for Christmas, please don’t buy one from a pet shop or online. You have no idea what conditions the dog’s parents live in or if they have health issues that have been passed onto the pups. The RSPCA estimates that 95% of dogs sold in pet shops come from puppy farms and backyard breeders.’