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Australian Stock Report launches real-time trading education workshops

Learn time-tested trading techniques from leading stock traders

SYDNEY: 23 August 2017: The growing number of Australians becoming more self-directed with their investment is creating the demand for trading education.


In response to this, the Australian Stock Report has launched Real-Time Trading Workshops where attendees will learn proprietary trading strategies that can be used to trade stocks, currencies, indices, and commodities.


“We are getting a lot of inquiries about trading education. Investors are definitely wanting to be more self-directed rather than be following instructions on what to buy or sell,” said Chris Conway, Chief Market and Trading Strategist at Australian Stock Report.


He added that while many traders and investors have knowledge about the markets, “What we’re finding out is that many people need a structure for their trading,”


“They need the discipline and a solid trading plan. And that’s what we are giving them in this workshop.”


Based on the initial responses from workshop attendees, Conway said: “Traders and investors agree that when it comes to trading and investing in the markets, theory is good but practice is better.”


The real-time trading workshops are being run by Conway and Stuart McPhee, a private trader, best-selling author, and personal trading coach. Both have several decades of real trading experience that they can share with the attendees.


Traders and investors attending the workshop will learn:

·       Actual and tested trading strategies for stocks, currencies, indices, and commodities

·       How to trade the markets in real-time guided through the whole decision-making process

·       How to scan and shortlist potential trading opportunities

·       How to use important risk management rules that fit your trading strategy


According to Conway the hands-on style of the workshops makes it ideal for those who are looking to get started in the markets and would like to get more guidance. It will also be helpful to traders who want to gain a behind-the-scenes look at how fundamental and technical tools can be used to beat the markets.


“And we are also getting many self-directed investors who are looking to discuss their own investment choices with us who have been in the markets for several decades now,” Conway said.


The next Australian Stock Report real-time trading workshop will be on 22-23 September 2017. You can contact them to register at: http://www.australianstockreport.com.au/real-time-trading-workshop/


Training on foreign exchange is presented by Amalgamated Australian Investment Solutions Pty Limited (ABN 61 123 680 106 – AFSL 314 614).


For more information, please contact:

Eva Diaz

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