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Australian technology start-up DIGIVIZER’s CEO wins 2013 AGSM Women Leaders in Business Award

Sydney, 7 October 2013 - Emma Lo Russo, CEO of Australian social technology start-up DIGIVIZER, has been awarded this year’s AGSM Anita Prabhu Women Leaders in Business Award.

The Award is presented each year to either a final year MBA or MBT exec or an alumnus of the Australian School of Business at the University of New South Wales.

The Award was instigated by fellow alumnus Anita Pradbhu in 2012 to recognize and celebrate a successful business woman across the dimensions of entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership and business acumen.

Emma Lo Russo co-founded DIGIVIZER in 2010 to create new technology to identify, analyse and connect the digital footprints of Australians and to map their sentiments, motivations and discussions across social media in Australia to organizations’ customer databases.

This makes it easy for organizations to serve those they know and those they would like to know, providing a better engagement experience for individuals, and a better return for the organizations.

In its first three years, DIGIVIZER has sold solutions to customers that include Telstra, Chobani, RACWA, Australia Post and NAB.

Quotes from Emma Lo Russo, CEO DIGIVIZER

“This is a wonderful honour and one that recognizes the great talent of the DIGIVIZER team that I feel very fortunate to lead.  Every day we are trying to take something that is very complex and make it simple, interpreting the large volumes of unstructured text into delivering clear, actionable insights from the social web directly into organizations so that they can better understand and better serve their customers. We are excited about the opportunity to provide real-time marketing leads and helping organizations deliver real-time responses and the demand for our services continue to grow. This award represents the great support I have received from the AGSM and from other leaders and entrepreneurs in Australia looking to build a successful innovation culture, and for which I remain very grateful.”

“The best achievements are the ones that have come as a result of working with super-smart and talented people, whether they be my family, friends or work colleagues, and when combined together with great teamwork, you overcome challenges along the way and achieve what seemed impossible to others.“

Quote from Anita Prabhu

“I am delighted that Emma is the recipient of this award. My hope in sponsoring this award was to recognize and showcase women in business from our school as role models and to highlight the importance of what we have been taught here - innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership, financial acumen, productivity improvement and social conscience - as necessary ingredients in all Australian business to make our nation a global leader.

“Emma is a great role model for women and symbolizes that women can do it all - bring up a family while studying and working at the leading edge.  Emma and DIGIVIZER set a real example for Australian businesses to emulate and make Australia a leading country. Our future depends on having these qualities.

“I thank the AGSM for setting up this award to enable recognition of alumni entrepreneurs.”

Quote from Professor Chris Styles, Director of the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM), the University of New South Wales

“Emma highlights how we empower great people to achieve great things. I am delighted she has won this award. Her application was particularly strong among other inspiring applicants and I was impressed with how she has been able to bring her entrepreneurial vision to life. I look forward to watching her company, DIGIVIZER, go from strength to strength in the coming years.”



Emma Lo Russo, DIGIVIZER, 0419 203 458 @EmmaLoRusso

Alan Smith, DIGIVIZER, 0404 432 700 @alansmithoz

www.digivizer.com @digivizerhttp://www.linkedin.com/company/digivizer

Read more about DIGIVIZER through its papers on actionable insight from the social web.