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Australians Turn to High-Grade Disinfecting Services As Restrictions Begin Easing

As the world grapples with an unprecedented pandemic, Australians are turning to high-grade disinfecting services in their fight against Coronavirus, professionally servicing everything from commercial premises and public transport networks to residential

Tackling an Invisible Enemy with Fast Response Disinfecting Units

One of Australia’s leading pest control and hygiene companies, Flick Pest Control has responded quickly to the Covid-19 public health emergency with extensive disinfecting services. They are experiencing high demand right across the country.

Crucially, Flick’s fast response team can quickly disinfect areas in which suspected coronavirus contamination has taken place, or add an extra layer of protection to all kinds of surfaces and spaces.

Clothed in head-to-toe protective gear and masks, the expert team is protecting homes, workplaces, hotels and public areas using a non-toxic, high-grade disinfection service that binds to all surfaces and kills bacteria and viruses.


Proactive and Defensive Spraying for Maximum Protection

Flick says that the current demand falls into two categories. Firstly, there is proactive/preventative disinfection service:


“Regular disinfection services are an essential tool to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses. Any application with disinfectants and sanitisers reduces risk and helps fight an invisible enemy,” said Jussi Ylinen, President Pacific Region, Flick.


Flick has been disinfecting public transport networks, healthcare facilities and all types of commercial spaces. They are also regularly disinfection services to residential homes where owners want the peace of mind which comes with an extra layer of protection.

According to the World Health Organisation and
NSW Health, it’s not certain how long Covid-19 can survive on surfaces but indications are that it may linger for a few hours or up to several days, depending on the material and temperature. Plastics and steel are particularly susceptible. 

Flick are also undertaking defensive Infection control disinfection service in areas where there have been confirmed or suspected coronavirus cases, such as workplaces visited, homes and hotels where guests have been isolating.

“If they’ve got a suspected case of coronavirus and that guest has been moved out, we’ll come straight in and disinfect the entire area with our high-grade, broad-spectrum disinfection service,” says Shaun Azhar, Flick Pest Control.

Is Flick Disinfectant Safe for Homes and High-Traffic Areas?


Yes. The disinfectant Flick uses is trusted around in Australia and world. It:


      Safely Kills viruses, bacteria, and fungi

      Disinfects all surfaces including all identifiable critical touchpoints (walls, doorknobs, doors, workstations, benches) and hard-to-reach or inaccessible areas

      Is Non-toxic, Eco Friendly & degrades naturally

      Requires minimal downtime before re-entry to a premises

      Regular disinfection service is recommended for high-traffic areas like public transport

Disinfection services can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours plus, depending on the size of the space. All Flick staff are practising social distancing measures and adhering to a rigorous hygiene routine, with head-to-toe personal protective gear and masks.

Keeping surfaces safe is an essential defence in this battle... To find out more about how Flick is helping fight
coronavirus, contact:


Valerie Petersen

National Marketing Manager

Ph: 0429 615 856

Email: valerie.petersen@flick-anticimex.com.au

Web: www.flick.com.au



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