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With such an impressive CV it’s no wonder Corrine Barraclough has been snapped up by some of the best media broadcasters of our time, and now this includes Cindication.

As a regular contributor at Sky News Australia, a columnist for the Daily Telegraph and The Spectator Australia, and digital publication news.com.au, Corrine’s words reach more than 9.6 million unique readers and viewers around the globe.

She brings over 20 years’ experience as a journalist and has held several senior positions in tabloid magazines in London, New York and Sydney, including winning editor of the year at ACP in 2012.

Corrine now lives on the Gold Coast Australia and has been freelancing for six years.

Cindication is thrilled to welcome this powerhouse journalist to the ranks of its growing team.

Corrine said she was really excited to come on board with Cindication.

“I hope to shine a light on the issue of fathers mental health after breakups,” Corrine said.

“I’ve worked in this space for a few years and heard lots of real-life stories.”

Corrine is passionate about ‘true equality’ and committed to raising awareness about parental alienation, dysfunctional relationships, addiction, sobriety and recovery.

“I’m really hoping we can start a conversation which leads to meaningful action and begin to tackle the soaring male suicide rate with the honesty and courage it requires,” she said.

Cindication has over 20+ years of experience in PR & Communications and has worked with charities including Suicide Prevention, Education, Sustainability and Humanitarian Charities, Health and Wellness and PTSD.

Working with large complex global businesses, Cindication provides media suite services for global and national business professionals as well as advocacy for Humanitarian groups helping them embrace the concept of everyone has a message to share.

If you would like more information, please contact Melissa Coleman - 0409 002 088 or Cindy Rochstein – 0437 094 049. For more on Cindication, email: cindy@cindication.com / www.cindication.com