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Bag your ideal bespoke handbag with Lambada.com.au

No longer do you need to tirelessly search for hours for the perfect handbag to go with your outfit, new Australian website, lambada.com.au allows you to unleash your inner accessories designer and create a bespoke bag that is a one of a kind, while also being affordable too.

Choosing from this season's latest trends in styles and colour palettes, you can custom design every detail of your bag yourself, right down to the colour of the stitching and even the bag's lining, and then have your masterpiece delivered to your door in no time.

Designing your own handbag not only provides a special, rewarding experience but also ensures you'll never have a fashion faux pas moment again - having someone else turn up to an event with the same bag as you is now history.

Lambada.com.au can also offer the choice to design your own satchels, clutches, over night bags, tech bags, wallets and purses and provide a great men's selection too.

Purveyors of fine leather products for decades, Australian family owned business, Lambada Leather, decided to offer customisation of its bags after noticing a gap in the marketplace for bespoke high quality, affordable leather bags. All Lambada pieces are hand cut, hand assembled and hand finished, following the traditional methods from fine craftsmen.  As  a family business every step of the manufacturing process is quality controlled with each item being produced in the family's workshop.

Lambada has also built a respected reputation by using luxury grade leather. The products are made from the highest selection of full-grain leather available on the market including your choice of finish; nappa, crunch, wrinkle, metallic and buffalo. This means that the skins are left in their 100% natural condition allowing for high-fibre strength and durability.

Express your creativeness and free the fashionista within you at www.lambada.com.au

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