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Be a Planter for Santa!

Forget about chopping down a Christmas tree; help Greenfleet plant native trees instead!

Be a Planter for Santa!

Once upon a time, Santa Claus had to cross enormous icebergs and snow-covered forests to make his way Down Under.

This year’s Christmas, however, thanks to climate change Santa’s slide might get stuck in a big mud puddle and not make it to the Southern Hemisphere.

Luckily we at Greenfleet are prepared!

This year, forget about chopping down a Christmas tree; help Greenfleet plant native trees to fight climate change instead!  Get Santa back on track, restore habitat for native wildlife, improve soil and water quality, and much more by planting native forests around Australia.

Greenfleet has a range of gifts to give your loved ones and make a positive difference:

·         Greenfleet Gift Certificate

When you purchase a Greenfleet Gift Certificate*, Greenfleet will plant 17 native trees** on behalf of the recipient to help offset the emissions of their average medium-sized car for a year.

·          ‘Plant a Tree’ Gift Card

If you want something a little different, why not offer a ‘Plant a Tree’ Universal Gift Card***.  This pre-paid VISA Gift Card is the gift that gives twice – it helps you protect the environment by planting a native tree, in addition to allowing the recipient to buy whatever they want in any store where VISA cards are accepted, whenever they wish to shop.


Find out more about these green gift ideas at www.greenfleet.com.au


* The $65 Greenfleet Gift Certificate includes a quality certificate, an introductory letter, a vehicle sticker, and three newsletters per year, postage & handling. Tax deductible donation.

** This number of trees is a reasonable estimate of the number of trees required to be initially planted to sequester the total quantity of carbon purchased and takes into account that not all trees initially planted will survive due to the natural survival rate of trees. Accordingly, trees that do not survive following initial plantation may not necessarily be replanted.  Greenfleet’s commitment to recapture carbon on behalf of our supporters involves the management of native forests across all our planting sites. Greenfleet’s forest pool is forecast to meet its overall carbon commitments to supporters.

*** Contact Universal Gift Cards on 1300 128 219 to order your ‘Plant a Tree’ cards Universal Prepaid VISA Gift Cards are issued by Heritage Bank Limited ABN 32 087 652 024 AFSL/ACL240 984.