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Many promote returns on the stock market even though, they doing invest themselves. BEWARE.

When it comes to the stock market and people promoting the stock market, you need to be vary careful as to who you associate yourself with. You need to ask the question, is the person promoting this so called stock market education, actually investing in it, or are they just your typical Sales person trying to sell you something.

See, Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of investors.

One is the rare kind –very rare— He makes money in the stock market week after week… month after month… year after year. In UP or DOWN markets.

He doesn’t follow the crowd. He follows asystem and toolsthat works. He usesTOOLSthat give him accurate, useful information on the market. He invests with a quiet confidence.

He doesn’t listen to “hot tips” from cab drivers or the analysts and talking heads on CNBC, CNN, FOX NEWS, Bloomberg or so called Gurus who claim to travel the world or space.

And he definitely doesn’t trust his retirement and investment plans to a fund “manager.” He knows better. He looks forward to retirement because his portfolio is always growing. He can show you HIS results and can prove to you that he walks the talk, and is willing to show you personally how he does it.


The other kind is the investor who operates off of hunches, guesswork or intuition. He doesn’t know what else to do. He’s fearful and hopes that so-called “professionals” and advisors will look out for his interests. Purchases programs on hype, speculation and big return figures.

This is the person who makes money accidentally, when things are good. This is the person who just hates the stock market but doesn’t know what else to do. This is the person who gets scalped in the market on a regular basis.

Hello. My name is George Fokas. I recently created Fokas Beyond because of lies and deceptions in the industry about Share Renting or Renting Shares along with people on stage presenting information that is false. Many will tell you about their supposed success stories of doing all these crazy things to make you believe that they are successful, however where has their success come from? Do they really have success?

I know YOU can become a successful investor like the rare bird mentioned above. When I was involved with these so called companies who were presenting a product or products about stock market education, I learnt that many are out for one thing, your money and will do whatever to get it. This is why I decided to launch Fokas Beyond, looking beyond the lies and deceptions and put my time, knowledge and integrity into a company that will do the right thing for the students. A Faster, Smarter, Better way to find winners and avoid the losers. After 11 years of real world success, I can tell you that, nothing else even comes close.

I’m here to tell you, that you don’t have to be like the guy who gets scalped in the market on a regular basis or the one listening to all the hype with lies and deception. You can be like the first kind of investor I mentioned… the kind who makes money in any market. I’m here to tell you the market will reveal itself to you every day. All you need are theright answers at the righttime.The market is nothing more than math.And math does not lie.

If the math “adds up”… you can confidently make a move. If the math does not “add up” you sit it out. You wait until the math tells you to jump in or out. It’s that simple.

Now you can have the right information you want when you want it...That leads to profits!


Think about this. If you follow the simple investing plan based on theTOOLSwe provide you at Fokas Beyond you can potentiallyend your money worries for good.

You can become the confident investor who makes money month after month, year after year… The one with the bright and happy future. The one who sleeps well at night.

I began in 1999 and learnt the hard way about what to invest and when to invest. At that time, I developed the right mindset, approach and knowledge that many of my students around the world now model. Given this information your investment success is bound to improve. My name is now used by companies to try and build their reputation on the back of my hard work and personal success. Beware of Imitators making these claims.Fokas Beyondis the only place you can learn theright answers at the righttime.

If you’re like most investors… you think the market is all one big gamble.

The truth is…IT IS a gamble. Unless you have the right information and tools so that you Learn.Grow.Prosper with better investment decisions.

Listen, by using Fokas Beyond, you’re going to love the stock market again. It gives you an almost “unfair advantage” over other investors. Why? Because Fokas Beyond strategies are tested. And proven.

NOTE: Any system that reduces yourrisk… and increases yourprofits, is worth considering. But a system that’s been available in the market since 1973 and many Professionals in downturn markets fall back on it, is one you should really look at.

We’ve built our whole business around our intent to deliver the best stock market education available anywhere. Check our website for what offers are available to you NOW! And let me say – THANK YOU – in advance for giving us the opportunity to serve you.

http://fokasbeyond.comis the where you want to make your first stop when it comes to consistent cashflow or email us for more information, info@fokasbeyond.com.

Yours in Success